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hairyhatman65 Fri 09-Nov-12 13:52:53

Hi All
my daughter is a very bright technology literate 5 year old who already has 2 years of leapad preschool learning and games under her belt, she watches movies on my phone when we are travelling long distance, aswell as managing media, taking photo's and playing games. She has experience of an IPAD and was amazed by the star spotting app amongst other things.She is also conscientous and looks after her things. I want to get her a kindle, I simply am not able to get her an Ipad (and would really strugglt to justify it on moral and financial grounds). We live in the Outer Hebredes where weather, seasonal light and choice can often limit getting out and about. She has just started school and is flying, I dont want to waste my limited resources on buying her "rubbish" which she will play with once and be bored after 5 mins. What are your thoughts and experiences? am i being a little mad?

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