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android device for a 4yr old??

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t3rm3y Thu 08-Nov-12 14:29:38

my son enjoys playign angry birds on our phones.
its coming up to christmas and i dont really know what to get, i know the tablets can be educational with the right apps. but is there a tablet out there thats cheap enough for a 4 yr old to use for angry birds and apps, but doesnt come with all the other junk that would come wit ha standard tablet, (wifi would be good for the apps)but it doesnt need quad core, 2gb ram, 32gb storage ete,

I have looked at these vtech things, they just look like a con - buy the device then pay for additional apps, plus we got a vtech or some similar thing that is a childrens laptop, and it is pathetic. big colourful thing that is the size of a small notebook, yet the screen was about 3in by 2in big, grey scale, with some crap black pixel things that tried to teach a child - he can quite happily use a real mouse on cbbcs website and is learning the keyboard well from their educational games.. so i am reluctant to get a device aimed at kids that is actually that usefull..

coocoocachoo Fri 09-Nov-12 14:46:12

Read with interest. No input I'm afraid but hoping to bump as looking for similar advice but for a younger child.

My 16 mth old loves playing baby games online but is a bit heavy handed on the keyboard on our laptop. Am happy to get a tablet style thingy for him for Christmas but wonder if this would be a waste of money as his usage is likely to still be quite limited. Thank for your comments on the Vtech. I was thinking that while this might keep him amused for a bit, our more colourful laptop is still likely to be more appealing.

Was considering a nexus 7 as I think me and DH will probably get some use out of it too and it is likely to have longevity rather than the more limited vtech laptop.

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