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LeapPad 2 - what extra bits of kit do you need? And is it worth it?

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BornToFolk Thu 25-Oct-12 12:55:18

I'm toying with the idea of getting DS (5) a LeapPad 2 for Christmas.

Tesco are doing 3 for 2 toys at the moment, and there's a voucher for £10 off over £75 so I should be able to get the actual LeapPad for a good price but from looking at Amazon it appears that there are lots of extra bits of kit, like the rechargable battery pack, downloads card, case, screen protectors etc etc, which would really bump the price up.

How much of those are actually needed? And what are the on-going costs? Am I right in thinking that you need to download apps?

And are they actually any good?

kazza19 Tue 30-Oct-12 17:53:15

Hi BornToFolk

I have also been interested in Leappad 2 for my daughter who is 4 and I actually bought one today to put away for Xmas. Lowest price so far is £71.99 (got mine in Argos). I have read a lot of comments that the battery life is poor so I got the AC adaptor. Got the case with it too and also Argos had an offer on for half price headphones when you buy the Leappad2 (got headphones for £6.50.. RRP was £12.99). The gel skins are around £7.99 but you can get them for 2 quid on Amazon.

As far as the apps go you can either download them or you can buy the game cartridges which are the same. I contacted leapfrog about the apps and they said that cheaper ones i.e. £3.50 are basic. If you want the full games then you are talking 20 quid mark. If you have a look at Argos or Smyths toy store they have offers on at the moment for buy 1 game cartridge, get the 2nd half price... so 2 game cartridges for just short of 30 quid is ok I guess. The games that I have looked at seem really good... the child has fun yet learns at the same time.

Hope this helps... happy shopping!! x

BornToFolk Wed 31-Oct-12 14:36:47

Thanks, kazza, that is really helpful! I agree, the AC adaptor is pretty much essential, going by the reviews I've read.

I think it's the on-going cost of games that puts me off the most. Where do you download the apps from?! I'd like to have a look at what's available before I commit...

kazza19 Wed 07-Nov-12 17:00:22

Hi Borntofolk... you can download the apps on the Leapfrog store... just go on their website... they have the full range on there.


kazza19 Wed 07-Nov-12 17:02:26

I have just got the game cartridges (which are just the same as the apps) purely because Argos has an offer on buy one get the 2nd one half price

BornToFolk Wed 07-Nov-12 17:28:28

Hi again Kazza! Well, I've comitted and bought one! Tesco had them reduced to £65 so I did the voucher exchange thingy and ended up only paying £35 actual money which I thought was a pretty good deal.
I'll check out the apps on the site.

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