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Help me find this Thomas Tank Engine toy for DD please

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neuroticmumof3 Tue 16-Oct-12 22:39:12

It keeps being advertised on children's TV but I never manage to capture the name of it in my tiny brain. From what I've seen Thomas goes up a steep hill, round a bend and down a drop to the other side. Anyone know what I'm on about. If so have you got one and is it any good? TIA

smudge74 Fri 26-Oct-12 00:09:17

Not sure as haven't seen the ad but sounds like it could be Misty Island. My dd has it and absolutely adores it.

MySecretSelf Sat 27-Oct-12 04:24:01

Have a search for Thomas take n play or trackmaster. If it's being advertised just now it could be the take n play great quarry climb - it's a fairly new set from the blue mountain mystery film.

We don't have that one, but DS does love the other take n play sets, so a good buy ime!

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