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Ideas please?

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clippityclop Thu 23-Aug-12 23:19:05

Our dds are a year older and I've come to the conclusion that they don't need any more 'stuff'! How about new wellies with a voucher for a keeper for the day/animal feeding experience at your local zoo? Tickets for a special trip to a show in a big theatre tucked in a new outfit? We did these earlier in the year and they loved it. Hope you have a great time whatever.

janji Thu 23-Aug-12 01:13:46

Trying to plan ahead?!
Any ideas for 'main presents' for dd aged 6 & ds aged 9 for Xmas? Need to financiallyPlan ahead! Also ds birthday in November? Seem to both have all the usual stuff: game consoles, tvs, DVD players etc (& more besides) hence the wisdom of mn needed?! Can you help?

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