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Anyone bought a Smart Trike Zoo from babiesRus?

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GlaikitFizzog Wed 05-Oct-11 19:32:43

Thinking about getting one of these for DSs Christmas.

Do you have one?
If so, do you use it as much as you thought you would?
Does it fit in your car ok?
Has it lasted well?

I don;t want to make an expensive mistake!


BlaiddDrwg Thu 06-Oct-11 09:54:55

We bought one last year for DS 1st birthday. We had the cow print and I planned on using it everyday to walk my older DD to school as an interesting alternative to the buggy. Since then I would say we have used 10 times or less.

It does take a bit of getting used to when pushing. I had very few problems but my DH couldn't get the hang of it at all .It can get a bit scary going up and down kerbs when crossing the road. I did have a bit of trouble manouvering it around tight corners and in and out of shops, but it depends on what you are planning on using it for.

The handle comes off completely so it fitted in our car but we do have a massive estate.

It has lasted well mainly because it spends a lot of time in the house not being used. I think we may get more use out of it as a trike when my DS is older.

Paschaelina Thu 06-Oct-11 10:01:28

We've got the Little Tikes version which DH liked for the chunkier wheels. It gets used more as a push-along by the Boy as he's only just turned 1 and pushing things is his favourite pastime.

We do take him out in it and he enjoys being pushed about. I agree that it will come more into it's own as he grows up and can tart pedalling.

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