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Gummi-X Edible Bug Centre

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Rach4 Thu 29-Sep-11 23:20:13

Has anyone bought/got one of these?
My son wants one having seen it in the argos catalogue but it looks "gimmicky" to me.
Don't want him to be disappointed

Lindax Wed 05-Oct-11 22:11:01

ds (7) has been glued to the ads for this one too. there are some Youtube videos on it which will let you see what its like

looks likes like you need to provide the ingredients (orange juice, sugar, gelatine, food dye) and it gets melted over a hot water tank.

I dont like the idea that the bug legs are separate moulds that need to be glued on after they have all set with more of the mixture, can image this being difficult.

I'm hoping he forgets about it as for £20+ dont think you get much in it.

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