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Sophie the giraffee

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sbt2 Mon 19-Sep-11 21:40:14

Was just about to buy one when came across these reviews so thought i would share. Scary!

if link doesnt work its amazon reviews, the bad ones!

xBeingTheBestMummyICanx Tue 20-Sep-11 20:04:37

I had never seen/or heard of Sophie the giraffe until my friend bought one for her DD. I was shocked when she told me how much it cost shock. My friends review on it was “It sounds like a dog’s toy with the squeaking noise it makes” wink.

planetpotty Tue 20-Sep-11 20:07:13

Oh crap! bought this for my friends DS thinking I was being oh so clever as the woman in the shop said they were the best thing since sliced bread.

hmm now I come to think of it the shop did have big windows.

Purplebuns Wed 21-Sep-11 21:16:57

My Dd (2) still loves hers and many of my friends have bought them on my recommendation and it has been fine and very useful. Anything can be dangerous and you have to wonder about the parents letting their baby shove something to the back of their throat and it does say on the packaging what it is made of. hmm

sbt2 Fri 23-Sep-11 20:41:37

Yeah i know what you mean about anything being dangerous, but its been pulled from shops in canada etc so thought i would just give the heads up so to speak. ;)

WhatWouldLeoDo Sat 24-Sep-11 15:38:53

I've just done a little googling on Sophie being pulled from shops in Canada - it seems that it was pulled from toysrus stores in Canada in 2008 for some safety tests and was returned to stores once these were complete. It's certainly for sale in toysrus in Canada online today.

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