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Giving away soft toys

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soniaweir Sun 21-Aug-11 13:53:25

Over the past few years we have accumulated loads of soft toys. I want to get rid of most of them as my DC only play with a handful of them. They are all in pretty good nick some still with their tags on. I would like to give them away to children who are not as fortunate as mine. Do you know how and who i can give them away to. i was thinking of my local hospital but not sure if they would take them due to health and safety or something like that! any suggestions?


Ilythia Sun 21-Aug-11 14:45:42

I know my local hospice won't take soft toys as they need too much cleaning to avoid infection risk. They like hard plastic that can be wiped.
I would call womans aid or local shelters. Often when a woman leaves her partner for whatever reason they go without a thing, including toys for their children.

soniaweir Sun 21-Aug-11 19:45:27

Thank you. Will contact the local womans aid tomorrow.

Ilythia Sun 21-Aug-11 20:10:13

NO worries, be aware that they sometimes get a bit wary of people offering to turn up and drop stuff off, I had to wait a few weeks for someone to come and collect mine (comes from needing to keep safe houses unknown)

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