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binkymum Sat 30-Jul-11 21:04:36

DD is heavily hinting she'd like a scooter for her 5th birthday (in September). Any advice on which to buy - and safety rules for once we've got it???
(I could never go one when I was little...)

pramsgalore Wed 10-Aug-11 14:19:28

my ds who is 5 has a micro scooter maxi, the maxi is from aged 6 but i have put the handle down and tightened it up [they call it locked] micro scooter say you can do this for smaller children, but the height between this setting and the proper first setting is huge, it is tall, but saying that my 6 year old can ride her sisters on this setting so not too worried. i got the maxi because the mini is £54 and the maxi is £93 and thought i would get more years out of the maxi, was worried that he would out grow the smaller one too quick. they are great, kids scootered 12 miles on theirs the first day they got them and they love them. [dd is 11] , i would buy a bike helmet for her and i don't let mine scoot down hills, near water or busy roads, they have to walk with them. although ds walks with me and i carry it

binkymum Sun 28-Aug-11 21:39:54

Thank you!

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