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VTech Mobigo - any good?

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Ceolas Thu 28-Jul-11 20:53:33

My mum's thinking about getting one for DD for her (4th) birthday. It's the sort of thing she would like and we're driving to France in October so it would be handy for that too. Just a couple of questions...

Anyone have it? Do your kids like it? Does it come with any games or do you have to buy them all separately?

Ceolas Thu 28-Jul-11 20:55:12

Also, can you use it with headphones?

Ceolas Thu 28-Jul-11 23:00:38


Ceolas Fri 29-Jul-11 09:25:06


Ceolas Tue 02-Aug-11 13:43:59


gemma4d Thu 04-Aug-11 22:26:22

I have 1 (or rather DD does). Didn't come with any games. You can download very simple short games for free but they have a tendency to erase themselves regularly so I am forever downloading them again (mobigo has USB). It does take headphones, but doesn't come with any. Game cartridges are £15 each, and no cheaper on ebay :-(

It does take US cartridges apparently which are LOADS cheaper but have US accents, and won't post them - know anyone going to the States?

DD is 3.5yrs and she does like it, but it certainly doesn't provide hours and hours of entertainment. We only have 1 game though (Dora). We save it for in the car and in restaurants, when we really want peace and she is moaning!

Ceolas Thu 04-Aug-11 23:17:10

Oh thanks smile

My neighbours are just back from Florida. Grr!

Apparently you can get a storage cartridge from VTech which will save the games you download. We might start with that.

gemma4d Fri 05-Aug-11 21:02:12

Lol, ordered mine just a few days ago! Seemed better than all the very character game cartridges (disney princess etc)

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