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I wanted an iPad - too expensive - so I bought a Fineslate

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joanneDD Sat 23-Jul-11 16:13:03

Has anyone else bought a Fineslate? I bought one for £70, having looked at all the tablet devices around, and was worried that it would be rubbish. It's fantastic - I can do googlemail, facebook, twitter, read the Mumsnet talk forums - everything? It's at

Trouble is - my 9 year old wants one - I'm happy to say no to an iPad, but for £70 I can feel myself weakening. Has anyone bought a tablet for their kids? Did they use it?


mumatron Sat 23-Jul-11 16:16:04

my dc use my android tablet. thinking of getting ds his own for xmas, but he already has an ipod touch so may be a waste.

he's 10 btw.

personally, I dont see any problems with children having these, there are some good apps for them.

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