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Castle - Playmobil? wooden one? Help.

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paddypoopants Mon 11-Jul-11 17:09:55

DS wants a castle for his birthday (3rd). He enjoys playing with these type of things- putting the little figures in and out. I want a one that is a decent size, sturdy and he won't outgrow. The chad valley one looked a bit flimsy. Playmobil ones look good but are they worth the money? Anybody any advice before I end up spending a fortune on poor quality tat.

feedthegoat Mon 11-Jul-11 23:06:32

Playmobil is expensive but definately not tat.

Ds had a wooden one at in laws but it was a pain in neck to move about as fell to pieces easily. I think that was ELC.

He spent a good 2 hours playing with his friends playmobil one at the weekend and asked if he could ask father christmas for it (yes I am aware it is only july!). He is 5 and I still think he'd get lots of play out of it.

feedthegoat Mon 11-Jul-11 23:08:34

Also, I know the friend with the playmobil one had another castle 1st which was quickly replaced with playmobil. I believe that was the chad valley one.

libbyssister Mon 11-Jul-11 23:12:59

We just bought a playmobil one of eBay for our 6yo. It was second hand but in good nick and a bargain for £28. Our nearly 3yo tries to play with it too but he find it a bit fiddly tbh and gets cross. Would this one be of interest?,default,pd.html

paddypoopants Tue 12-Jul-11 10:01:20

Thanks everyone. I'm off to have a good look today in the shops- including the ELC -I hadn't thought of there. I want to get him something he can play with now rather than growing into - we always seem to do that and then it lies there unloved. I'll also try ebay for secondhand playmobil, then it it's not a hit I won't have shelled out a fortune.

Moodykat Tue 12-Jul-11 10:05:24

I have a playmobil castle at my dads house waiting for DS to be old enough. It's fab, It was mine, and before that my brothers who are 10 years older than me! They certainly last!

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