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Sand and water tables - got a good one?

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sanssucre Wed 06-Jul-11 16:59:29

Was thinking of this one from Tesco:

We have a teeny garden and it looks fairly compact - but anyone else got a brilliant one they would recommend?

Or any other good outdoor toys suitable for v small gardens?


Marne Wed 06-Jul-11 17:04:05

we have this, at first it was played with a lot, now its sat in the garden doing nothing grin. My dd2 prefers a small paddling pool rather than the water/sand table.

sanssucre Wed 06-Jul-11 17:12:26

thanks marne - out of interest, what pump do you use to pump up your paddling pool?

I'm always put off using ours because I dread blowing it up... (it's a big one)

sanssucre Wed 06-Jul-11 17:13:42

Also, probably a daft question but what do you do with all the sand afterwards or when they pull the plug out?!

WowOoo Wed 06-Jul-11 17:14:35

We have one from Argos. It's been played with for years. The colour of plastic has faded but it's still going strong. Worth a look there for a bargain.

WowOoo Wed 06-Jul-11 17:16:18

I spread the sand all over the lawn. It's meant to be good for it.
The lumps they chuck out I rake over to spread it.
Argos also sells the cheapest sand I have found.

sanssucre Wed 06-Jul-11 17:25:20

Aha, that's handy. We don't have a lawn, only raised beds, but I guess the principal is the same?!

Marne Wed 06-Jul-11 17:26:50

I blow the paddling pool up without a pump but i think you can buy a foot pump. With the sand table-only the water side has a plug, you have to scoop the sand out (so you can leave it in during the summer but scoop it out and put back into the bags for the winter or the table will fill up with water making a sandy mess).

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