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Does anybody recognise this product?

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LindaDaily Wed 06-Jul-11 16:40:29

Does anybody recognise this product? If so, could they let me know who makes it and where I can buy it from.


AlmaMartyr Wed 06-Jul-11 16:43:00

Posted on your other thread - it's a Mini Micro scooter, you can buy it from loads of places (including Amazon).

LittleSardines Thu 07-Jul-11 11:48:28

It's called a 'micro-scooter'. One of the most popular outdoor toys at the moment. They tend to come in two sizes, one for kids from about 3 -5 and one for older (5+ kids).

I think you photo is of one of the cheaper replicas (eg from Argos). The genuine article costs about £55 (for the young version) and £95 (ouch!) for the larger version.

We don't stock them at Little Sardines but I actually bought one a few weeks ago in John Lewis for my son's 3rd birthday and he's is flying around on it at every opportunity. I really like the lean left / lean right turning option that the 2 front wheels give. In fact to be honest I was quite tempted to have go myself when he wasn't looking (but I didn't...honest!)

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