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what does your 5 yo and 3 yo play with?

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pawre Sat 25-Jun-11 13:52:58


My DD is 5 and DS is 3. I like to change up their toys as well as often get rid of a lot smile (declutter!)

I look around and it seems like my 5 yo doesn't have many toys (I know they don't need that much). Seems to be getting harder for her. Was wondering what yours play with and what's been a hit in your house? She seems to like everything...

Also my 3 yo is a little easier since he's a boy and seems to be happy with his trains and cars all day!


Catsu Sat 25-Jun-11 14:15:54

Mine are both boys of 5 and 3.
They love train set, Lego, transformers, colouring and puzzle solving books etc, also crafty stuff and lots of running round physical games!

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