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Likeabike Jumper Brake

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Mishy1234 Thu 12-May-11 19:51:56

DS has a Likeabike jumper which is great, but it doesn't have a brake. I've seen you can buy one as an extra, but it's for the front tyre not the rear (as on the Islabike Rothan).

Can any cyclists out there tell me if a front brake would be ok or would it be dangerous? DH seems to think it would cause DS to take a header over the handle bars. I'm no cyclists, so have no idea.

SurreyHiller Mon 08-Apr-19 15:26:22

First, I know. Very old thread! Just info for anyone who stumbles upon it.

Front brakes are the ones that do the most stopping, bikes, motorbikes, cars, whatever. It's very important to learn how to modulate them, feel how hard you can press before they start to tip you upwards, or wash out (lose grip) on corners (never brake in a corner, at least until you know the bike well enough to know when it will let go...)
On a balance bike their weight is back and low, so chances of getting up high enough to go over are limited. If they were ever to venture off road (as the Jumper is meant to be) then there is more chance due to terrain, but they will learn and it's better to have a little tumble when you're close to the ground than when you're on a bigger bike, higher up.

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