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Kids Temporary Tattoos- Where to buy?

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Gaston Thu 03-Mar-11 14:30:01

Hi, do you know where to buy kids' temporary tattoos, but not online, very last minute, need to buy today....

ShatnersBassoon Thu 03-Mar-11 14:31:38

Pound shops sell them in big packs. Not sure how safe good they are though.

DooinMeCleanin Thu 03-Mar-11 14:31:40

Dd1 gets them out of some sort of sweet, from the co-op. I don't know which sweets though, she goes sweet shopping alone. I can ask for her, but she is in school until 3:30pm.

RealityIsKnockedUp Thu 03-Mar-11 14:32:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gaston Thu 03-Mar-11 14:37:28

Thanks ShatnersBassoon, DooinMeCleanin... yes if you do ask her that would be great, I can try my local co-op later.

Gaston Thu 03-Mar-11 14:38:11

ooh are they in the candy sticks, cheers RIKUp !

RealityIsKnockedUp Thu 03-Mar-11 14:38:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gaston Thu 03-Mar-11 14:44:08

Thanks all xx

ShatnersBassoon Thu 03-Mar-11 14:45:59

Bloody hell, those Spiderman candy sticks stink of Deep Heat.

DooinMeCleanin Thu 03-Mar-11 15:43:52

Dd1 says it was SpiderMan candy sticks but she reckons they don't have tattoos in them anymore.

But just to be certain, she is off to buy some just to be sure grin

Gaston Thu 03-Mar-11 17:11:22

Thanks, found some candy sticks that didn't have any tats but some do I heard from some other kids... but have found some tattoos in a lovely old style toy shop in barnet high street

didierzml Sun 10-Mar-13 16:16:24

I was searching on internet for several days and found quite a few cool websites but at the end of the day I still think the best choice is there: Amazon

MattBrown Thu 08-Aug-13 08:16:21

Try Sprogs Inc. They have a variety of temporary tattoos. Great quality and designs. My daughter loves the balloons which it looks like they might have sold out of.

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