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Which trike is best?

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babybouncer Sun 05-Dec-10 22:23:43

My inlaws want to buy DS a trike for Christmas (which I think is great) and asked us which we wanted. I really liked the look of the Triang at John Lewis, but when they went to buy it, it seems it doesn't exist any more.

DS is 18 months old, so I want a parent handle that can steer, pedals that lock and a way to belt him in for now, but want it to turn into a little trike for the future. I hate anything really gender specific (especially as I'd like it to be fine for a potential second child) and am not a huge fan of plastic. I'm also worried that a lot of these trikes start at a much earlier age with some sort of bars to keep them in - is it a waste of money considering he'll already be too big for that?

Can anyone recommend something?

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