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Help me choose a scooter for my non-sporty 6-year-old

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Greeninkmama Tue 30-Nov-10 17:52:36

My daughter can't manage her two-wheeler very well. She can barely 'glide' at all, and has to stop for frequent rests. She is not good with balance generally. I am wondering whether I should buy her the Maxi Micro scooter for Christmas? Will she see this as a three-wheeler (and get teased)? Should I keep her on the two-wheeler in the hope that it teaches her to improve her balance. Any advice gratefully received. smile

alarkaspree Tue 30-Nov-10 17:55:06

I think maxi micros are quite desirable, I don't think she'll get teased. And surely it's better for her to be speeding along on whatever she has.

Could you try one out first though? They're pretty expensive so it would be nice to check that it will work for her.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 30-Nov-10 18:08:00

DS2 (6) has a maxi-micro scooter. He's really speedy on it and hasn't had any comments from other children.

They aren't cheap but he couldn't and still can't scoot on a 2 wheeler so it's been a worthwhile investment.

We tried him on ds1's scooter this weekend as he's so fast on his 3 wheeler but his balance is atrocious.

I'm of the impression it will come in time, he's just slower to pick up these things than ds1. He can't ride a bike without stabilisers yet either.

Greeninkmama Tue 30-Nov-10 18:09:55

Thanks! Yes I guess it is better to get something you can manage. DD had a mini micro and was okayish on that. She likes the look of the Maxi - but her schoolmates are pretty harsh and teased her unmercifully when she took a three-wheeler in one day. Suppose I will have to take the plunge and keep my fingers crossed it works out.

Greeninkmama Tue 30-Nov-10 18:12:11

@doyouthinktheysaurus That is really helpful. Do you think riding the scooter has helped him with his balance at all?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 01-Dec-10 11:56:04

Erm...I'm not sure really. He still can't ride a bike and still can't do a 2 wheel scooter but his confidence has improved massively as has his scooting action.

Hulababy Wed 01-Dec-10 12:00:31

I would really recommend the two wheeler Decathlon scooters. Great value, good quality and will last a long time.

I think she will outgrow a three wheel one too quickly, even one of the maxi microscooters.

mathanxiety Wed 08-Dec-10 21:10:54

Razor scooter is very cool and will help tremendously with balance. DD4 rode a razor for about 6 months and learned to ride a 2-wheeler in about ten minutes as a result. The razors glide very smoothly and won't attract negative comments from others. The older DCs still have a lot of fun on theirs, ride them to school occasionally.

CarGirl Wed 08-Dec-10 21:13:42

My 7 year old has a maxi and she loves it, no teasing yet. We also started the trend of the mini micros at school 3 years ago!

Greeninkmama Fri 10-Dec-10 14:00:42

Thank you so much, everyone. Think the decathlons do look good, but think I am just going to get the maxi - which at least she'll be able to manage - and then get a better two-wheeler later on.

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