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Pigging Sylvanian sodding families

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Bear Mon 29-Nov-10 12:01:03

Why oh why? DD's 9 and still collecting these overpriced tatty plastic figures. And, joy of joys, her letter to Santa contains the Owl Family and St John's Schoolhouse, neither of which currently available in the UK. So I started eBaying and before long found myself in various bidding wars, before withdrawing (ungracefully, it'd be fair to say) to lick my wounds. I could get the Owls from the States, but £40 plus customs charges is just stupid money to spend on 5 tiny figures.

If anyone has seen these delightful items for sale near them, or who has a DD who has outgrown them and isn't looking to start a business empire in Sylvanian futures, please do let me know; otherwise Santa's* going to be terribly unpopular round here in a few weeks time.

(*She is resolutely not addressing the existence/identity issue in case it might lead to present depletion)

Ryoko Mon 29-Nov-10 12:56:21

Have you tried going to the shop which I think is in Hackney (look it up, just google Sylvanian families shop or something) they cater for collectors so may have what you want.

Nothing wrong with Sylvania, I used to have it in my day mind you ut was made/owned by Tomy then so of far higher quality then today, still beats Barbie and other such trash.

MilaMae Mon 29-Nov-10 14:53:40

I'm sure the shop R just mentioned has that school.It did a few days ago as I tried to persuade dd how lovely it was. Try their website.She unfortunately has her heart set on the tree house-discontinued sad.

I feel your pain.

Bear Wed 01-Dec-10 10:08:18

thanks R & MM - just called them and the lovely helpful lady explained that neither the Owls or the School had been available for "a long time" and that we were "looking at past items." Well why do SF still have them in their promo literature that comes with each purchase and in their collectors mag that SS subscribes to. Grrrr.

Thanks for your help, off to prepare my explanation as to why Santa's little elves can't craft said items out of fairy dust.....

Ryoko Wed 01-Dec-10 10:38:07

I think the key word here is Collectors.

Theres a lot of collectors buying the things.

Shame the gerbils ate the wheels on my red bus that thing is worth a few squid now.

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