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wooden toy kitchens

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Lonnie Sun 28-Nov-10 10:46:21

Hi everyone

our dd3 (age 7) is wishing a wooden toy kitchen for christmas.

It has to have pink on it and personally I would like it to actually look like a kitchen and not some pink frill that happens to have a bit of a cooker liking to it.

Have anyone got any recommendations?

TitianTinselTemptress Sun 28-Nov-10 11:20:11

This Ikea one is lovely and you could put some stickers on the doors - try ebay or etsy for pink decals.

TitianTinselTemptress Sun 28-Nov-10 11:20:55

PS they do food and utensils as well

Lonnie Sun 28-Nov-10 12:26:25

thank you but I dont want to go down the route of stickers etc I want one that is sorted and painted before it gets to her.

TitianTinselTemptress Sun 28-Nov-10 13:02:46

Why can't you get the stickers and put them on before you give her it?? confused

Otherwise, have you tried Google? wooden pink cooker google search

Lonnie Sun 28-Nov-10 13:58:19

Because I dont want it with stickers thats the whole point of my asking the question and yes I have tried google I was wanting reccomendations from people whom might have one they feel is good.

HuckingFell Sun 28-Nov-10 14:20:42

kidkraft - lovely, well made and no stickers.

Crazycatlady Sun 28-Nov-10 14:37:54

Great Little Trading Company has a lovely wooden toy kitchen in pink, or red.

Aspace also has a very lovely one.

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