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How to disarm Playmobil policemen?

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nojobtoosmall Sat 02-Apr-11 13:19:09

Get some man coaching! Let him have the bike, the holster and the gun. Or you could say the holster is for his can of Mace spray. Come to think of it, get him a really good Swiss penknife. He can stick that in the holster. Then he can learn how to play with a knife without cutting himself. When I was a lad, I had a penknife, a sheath knife, a catapault and and air pistol. I felt undressed if I went out to play without them. Have you seen what's happened to Dennis the Manace in the Beano? For goodness sake! He's not allowed to have his catapault or peashooter any more and Gnasher, his dog, has had his teeth re-drawn so can longer bite people. What's wrong with being a real boy anyhow? Grrrrr !!

NormanTheForeman Fri 01-Apr-11 17:08:10

Agree with dippy - I've lost my mobile phone! Wish I knew what had happened to it...

DippyMummy Fri 01-Apr-11 17:05:46

The gun will get lost anyway, approx 45 seconds after you give it to him. It will end up inside your hoover, or you may find it somewhere unexpected, several months later, in which case you will briefly wonder what on earth it is, give up and throw it away. That is our experience anyway...

Nagoo Fri 01-Apr-11 15:16:08

aaah, I don't care what they say, he's a good boy, and he loves his old mum wink

accordiongirl Fri 01-Apr-11 14:55:38

When I took the guns out of the playmo man we have, it started a conversation with my boy something like this:
- what is a gun mummy?
- its something that people use to put metal in each others bodies and make them not living any more. it's not very nice etc etc.
- i want a gun mummy.
- no, son, i'm not getting you a toy gun.
- no, mummy I want a real gun, so I can kill my daddy and my sister and then you can look after only me.

Ciske Tue 29-Mar-11 14:44:31

Seeing you already have the gun, can you sneak up to the policeman, point the gun at him and demand he take it off?

NormanTheForeman Tue 29-Mar-11 14:42:57


CuthbertThePlaymobilPoliceman Tue 29-Mar-11 14:35:04

Ullo, ullo, ullo, wot's all this then? Someone trying to make off with our guns and holsters? Don't know wot the world's coming to!

southeastastra Tue 29-Mar-11 14:29:48

i can't belive the op really had to ask on here how to remove the hoster! it's hardly rocket science to get off

also agree with custy

NormanTheForeman Tue 29-Mar-11 14:28:35

I think you should be able to pull it off. They only seem to be attached at the top.

Hope the policeman doesn't mind though!

EldonAve Tue 29-Mar-11 14:23:54

it will unclip
I just checked ours and his holster is already gone

Karuna13 Tue 29-Mar-11 14:21:38


... our disarmed Playmobil police have holders for their water bottles. The explanation seems to make sense to DS .... it's thirsty work rescuing people!

seriously, don't waste your time. By the time he is about 4 everything is a gun, despite never having had a toy one. Use it as an oppertunity to explain a little about them - only police have them etc etc, don't touch them...

MollieO Fri 15-Oct-10 09:24:29

Are you sure it is a gun and not a speed gun?

You could roll up a piece of paper and put it in the holster and tell your ds that it is a list of baddies/notebook etc.

PaisleyPumpkin Fri 15-Oct-10 09:20:31

You could tell him it's one of those speed gun thingies they use. He might have even seen them.

nooka Fri 15-Oct-10 04:40:11

I'd use a stanley knife. You should be able to slip it under the holster belt, but the plastic is fairly tough on Playmobil figures.

Goblinchild Fri 15-Oct-10 04:23:42

The lighter may have drastic results!
Try heating a scalpel blade and cutting with that.

chillipickle Fri 15-Oct-10 01:42:19

PaisleyPumpkin, good plan - just wish I had thought of it earlier! Am running out of time with DSs birthday looming on Tuesday.

Custardo, it's not so much knicker twisting about DS playing with guns per se, but he's only just turning 3 and has no notion of death, and I feel tired at the thought of trying to explain it.

Anyway, it's tiny and will definitely get lost, or eaten by DS2.

dearprudence Thu 14-Oct-10 23:48:45

Are you keeping the gun to play with yourself?

Can it not be for his radio ????

He'll need to call for back up from the armed response team as a giant mumsnetter has stolen his gun grin

PaisleyPumpkin Thu 14-Oct-10 23:45:04

Swap the figure?
or this sort of thing
There's probably loads.

Tortington Thu 14-Oct-10 23:43:43

lighter, melt it off.

although i really don't understand all the knicker twisting about this issue

chillipickle Thu 14-Oct-10 23:40:31

Calling all Playmobil experts! I have a police motorbike which I need to give to my 3yo DS less the gun.

He is definitely going to ask what the holster is for, and it gets in the way of the arm moving all the way round, so ideally I would like to take the holster off too, but I'm not sure if I can do this without breaking it.

Does anyone know?

Actually it wouldn't be the end of the world if the holster broke, but I don't want to damage the policeman.

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