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JELLYCAT VINTAGE MONEY - emotional plea!!!!

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evieJD Wed 25-Oct-17 11:40:07

Hi mamas. I went to Martin Mere Haven caravan park in Blackpool this weekend just gone, and my 3.5 year old lost his beloved Happy the Monkey at the kids disco. I have tried literally everything within my power to get him back but to no avail. It's a retired design from Jellycat.

I have emailed them, done everything to try to get the original back and combed every selling site and small trader you can think of. Honestly, everything!

Does ANYONE have a small Jellycat Monkey like this one knocking about that they would sell to me??? I am offering £30 but open to offers. Desperate here!! My 3.5 year old is heartbroken. Hoping the power of the internet can sort me out smile xxxxx

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