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Fixed term contract

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savvylife Tue 07-Jan-20 17:55:17

I have been offered a fixed term contract with a view that it can be extended/converted to permanent. I had been considering full time permanent jobs as well as contracting but not FTCs. I am not sure what to think. Its been offered for 6 months whereas i was expecting one for 12 months. Can somebody tell me about how I should approach it? What are the pros and cons? The salary is good but not so good if I am then unemployed for the 6 months after so financial planning would be difficult.

I don't like the lack of job security knowing that i may not know about contract being extended or not till the last minute. Has this worked positively for anybody and what are all the things I need to consider?

FanSpamTastic Tue 07-Jan-20 18:09:34

If they may need someone permanent then they should just hire a permanent role. Lots of companies do this - like try before you buy. But with probationary periods they can still get rid of you even if not fixed term. So I don't understand why they do this. I totally get FTC if there is a particular project or to cover maternity leave etc. Sometimes it can be because of funding - eg charity only has a fixed amount of funding for a set period.

You could try saying that you don't want the role as really you are looking for a permanent role. If they like you then they may make it permanent now.

savvylife Tue 07-Jan-20 18:17:07

It is a new permanent role. They like me for the role but said that there is one area that they are not sure that I have experience in as much and hence the FTC. But it is also quite short. I would have thought 12 months. Part of me thinks that there are some other organisational plans afoot that may not get nailed down for a few months and that may be one reason. I also think a big portion of the transformational work is taking place over the next few months and am I being used for that?

At the moment only negative reasons are coming to mind.

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