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Chasingsquirrels Tue 17-Sep-19 20:29:53

... and here is it.

Willow2017 Tue 17-Sep-19 21:29:36

Thanks for new thread Squirrels.

Doubt it will for me personally.
Have blocked them all!
I won't be anywhere Queen Bee goes out drinking so won't bump into.her thankfully as I am sure she would have something to.say.😁

MrsJonesAndMe Tue 17-Sep-19 21:45:29


Chasingsquirrels Tue 17-Sep-19 21:48:05

Oh well if you've blocked them all then it's done and gone 🙂 and onwards!

elephantoverthehill Tue 17-Sep-19 22:05:59

Just climbing on to the thread.

Horsemad Tue 17-Sep-19 23:33:04

Hello, thanks for the new thread 🙂

bookbook Wed 18-Sep-19 10:00:04

Morning all
< shuffles into thread> Thanks Chasing
a lot better today , but still not 100% , but a 1000% better than Monday night and yesterday . I am on yet another course of different AB's for a different infection , which kicked in 8 hours after finishing the other AB's ? <pah> sometimes life just sucks .
Elder - many ((hugs)) for you and DS2 today .
Willow - I bet you feel totally free, even though you need to find another job , it must be lovely not having to deal with all the horribleness
Horse - I am fairly cavalier with my roasted tomatoes , and don't follow any particular recipe but - I wait until I have enough tomatoes to fill the bottom of a big flat roasting tin ( I use my grill pan without the wire shelf) I drizzle olive oil on the bottom ( sorry Willow but no problem with any liquid oil ! ) , I cut my tomatoes in half , then add finely chopped garlic , finely chopped onions ( or shallots) , salt and pepper , maybe some dried basil too. That is my basic one . But depending on what else I have , I can add halved or quartered aubergines , chopped peppers , and courgettes- any combination really , but I make sure the tomatoes are much the biggest quantity . I make sure everything has a nice coat of oil and roast on 200º for 20 minutes , stir around to cover everything with the oil , and do another 20 minutes . I leave to go a bit cool , then the fun bit for me . I sit with a big bowl and transfer everything into that , but using my fingers , I push the tomato pulp off the skins ( and aubergine skins if I have done them ) and discard . I mostly then just leave as a chunky sauce , giving it a good mix - it usually makes a good 3 meals worth to freeze. . If its just tomatoes and onions, I sometimes blitz , as its handy to have some smooth as well , but we prefer a bit of texture here . It is lovely with pasta ( and a bit of heresy) small cut up chunks of feta mixed in just before serving smile
I have not done anything since I got back from DD's on Monday , so just going to lightly start doing a bit of this and that .
Hope everyone else is okay xx

Horsemad Wed 18-Sep-19 10:33:22

Blimey book, I am practically salivating here!! 😁 Sounds delish!
Glad you are feeling better, you've really been through it this past few weeks, haven't you.

I need to rouse DS, he HAS to start his packing to return to uni. Last Minute Larry not allowed here! 🙄

Thinking of you all today Elder sad

Willow2017 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:35:39

Morning all.
Glad you are feeling a bit better Book take it easy though you don't want to set yourself back again.

Yes I do I don't have to think about "what will I get humiliated about today?" anymore its fab. 😀

Lazy morning here I fell asleep again! Tut tut. Bit of funny old night woke up a couple of times due to dreaming weird dreams.

Got a list of jobs to do so having a coffee to get me going😀

That sounds good Book except my kids would probably detect extra veg in a nanosecond😀😀 will try it with and without😉 they eat plenty raw veg and fruit just not cooked the awkward beggars.

Can you come whip my ds1 into.shape Horse? (I suppose I can't say anything to him this morning due to my extra long lie after ds2 left😂😂)

Right get moving. My plants seem to have completely wilted overnight off to.give them a feed.

((Hugs)) Elder.

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 18-Sep-19 13:35:34

Hello all

Busy busy here, but looking forward to a surprise day off next week - just looked at the calendar smile

Ah no, book I'm sorry to hear it. Thought you'd been a bit quiet on here!

Enjoy it willow you need the rest and head space. Did you manage to print a CV for the Coop?

When does he go back horse?

Thinking of you elder

Not much to report here - sun still out! Take care all!

Willow2017 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:30:29

Oh that's a nice surprise MrsJ

Didn't get as much done as I wanted to do but got my cords sewed and ran round with Hoover and went to get bread I forgot yesterday.
Crikey ds1 has a bag of stuff! Reams aprays shampoos and anti biotic capsules. That's gonna be fun he can't swallow tablets!!! Maybe put them in jam like when I was a kid and Calpol wasn't around😀😀

Tea on so chilling out till need to put veg on.

Didn't get cv done as they closed the applications! But a pub fairly local is looking for staff apparently so will go tomorrow or phone, they are closed atm. Do not want bad work as I am not confident enough but anything else would do, cleaning, kitchen etc.

Oh hell had oven.too high top of pie is burning! Oh well we will live have turned it down😁😁

Willow2017 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:32:19


Willow2017 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:33:26

BAR not bad! Stupid auto correct can't construct sensible sentence

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 18-Sep-19 21:07:12

I got the gist of it grin Good luck!

Willow2017 Thu 19-Sep-19 13:32:05

Good gravy my memory is getting worse! Went to get some things for ds2 to.take to camp, had Coffee, remembered petrol but forgot to put £ on gas card or get milk and butter!
Will have to drag myself out again.

Sun's out but was really cold early morning.
Need to.get on with my jobs but Hairy Bikers are on😀😀

Horsemad Thu 19-Sep-19 17:09:25

Another warm sunny day here, went out to my car early on & had got a puncture! No spare, just one of those stupid inflation kits, grrr. Anyway, the garage came & took it away & brought it back all repaired 🙂

Hope everyone is ok, thinking of you Elder.

Willow2017 Thu 19-Sep-19 17:34:54

What a pain Horse. My tyres are the same but I.just reflate them till I get to my tyre centre😉 thankfully it's worked so.far.

Skip run done. Stopped at garage to put £ on card and surprised ds1 by making him clean out car and help Hoover it out😂😂 he was not impressed🤣 tbf he did actually put washing out and emptied bin, it's a miracle!

Thinking of you and Wilf today Elder.

Chasingsquirrels Thu 19-Sep-19 18:16:34

Hope Wilf and yourself are okay Elder.

Must be tyre time, mine have had advisories on the MOT for the last 2 times but C (he's a motor mechanic) said they were okay and now he says they aren't - so I've got it booked for 4 new tyres on Saturday.

Been busy, Charlie ran off at agility on Tuesday which he hasn't done in ages, went into the next door horse paddock and rolled in horse poo. He was a dog in disgrace and we made an early exit!!

Bridge last night, which was a bit rubbish (the hands and my playing) and I was a bit out of sorts. It would have been John's birthday and the last 2 years it hasn't affected me but yesterday I was quite down about it. Onwards....

Busy at work today and didn't get home till a bit later and have only just sat down as needed to vacuum everywhere.

Ds1 left the house at 7.30am this morning to get the bus for a 10.10am start. The next one would have got him in too late!
He finished at 4pm and still isn't home.
The transport is ridiclous. We only live 10 miles out of the centre and the Cambridge is a relatively small centre with radial villages surrounding it.
He has to get the bus into the centre (1 hour) then a 20 min bus or 30 min walk to college towards the other side of town. The college is on the same side of town as his dad lives, and he is a bit nearer in as well, so he only needs to get the one bus from there and it's only 20 mins.
At least he can work on the bus, although don't know if he is.

MrsJonesAndMe Thu 19-Sep-19 20:49:59

Sending you big hugs squirrel it must still be hard for you. That sounds very hard work for DS1. Hope he doesn't get fed up with it!

Oh that's not a good surprise horse Glad it's done.

I make lists willow reasonably effective

Hope you're better now book?

Gentle hugs to you elder

Hope you're surviving the school week elephant

Been busy here. Off tomorrow, but a to do list, of course!

Willow2017 Thu 19-Sep-19 21:07:21

Evening all.
Tyres are out to get you. I am sure of it.

Naughty Charlie! Hope he smells better now Squirrels. Gosh that's a lot of time traveling for your ds2. He must have staying power. ((Hugs)) from me too.

I usually make a list but didn't yesterday and paid for it😀
Still.have to get ds1 more socks at some point!

Been chilling after tea all done. Watching cooking progs on tv. (And never making any of it😂😂)

Hope you are feeling better today Book and taking it easy.

elephantoverthehill Thu 19-Sep-19 22:37:06

Oh goodness, it's easy having a child at work with you, but then isn't when they get on to some BTS chat room. Arrrrrghh 'will hav.e to sort this one out tomorrow

bookbook Fri 20-Sep-19 08:59:54

Morning all
Chasing - bigs hugs , - naughty Charlie . Agree about transport .- chimes very much with when DD2 had her first proper job - to get there she had to set off very, very early , and get back very very late due to the buses. Luckily she learnt to drive asap .
Willow - hope the job hunt goes well, and something pops up
I have been just reading posts the last couple of days as though a lot lot better , am rather washed out , so not done much in truth . Hoping to get going a bit more today .
Onward and Upward

Chasingsquirrels Fri 20-Sep-19 11:34:54

Take it easy book, even though you might be better tour body still needs recovery time, so let it 🙂.

Had my hair cut this morning and went to Tesco - usually shop at Aldi on the way home from work and then do Tesco periodically for the things I can't get in Aldi. Now just having a sit down and cuddle with Charlie and then have some home and scouts admin to do.

Hope you've got things sorted with DD elephant, although I didn't understand what your post meant!

Enjoy your day off MrsJ.

Willow2017 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:53:04

Take it easy Book give yourself time to get fully better before go at it again.

Me neither Squirrels😀 but hope its sorted easily Elephant

Pottering day washing, cleaning etc.
Ds2 off to cadet camp this pm.
At least Sun is out again but blooming cold first thing.

Enjoy your day off MrsJ do something nice just for you if you can.

MrsJonesAndMe Fri 20-Sep-19 14:11:57

I'm glad he's decided to go to camp willow Hope it gives you a bit of a break too. Love springing that surprise on DS1 grin

Ah book I'm pleased to hear from you. Was going to text to see if you're OK, but you are smile

I've done all the usual things that need doing and had a friend round for an hour and of course there has been cake and presents shhh 21 again blush

I take it you've given Charlie a very thorough scrub after his roll around the other night! It wasn't funny, I'm sure, but I did laugh, squirrel

Have a good weekend all. We're off to London tomorrow for my treat and probably a Chinese for tea to celebrate.

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