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Apprenticeship tangle, where to go for independent advice?

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Neome Fri 19-Jul-19 03:02:56

The apprentice (not me) is currently studying level 2 while working part time for a big employer. Their department is very busy, huge workload, not enough people. 'Finance' (I don't know exactly who/what/how) has decided there won't be a job for them when they finish but another apprentice will be recruited.

HR has decided they can be redeployed if there's a suitable internal vacancy. Amazingly in a different department a level 3 apprenticeship in the same subject is available.

The tangle got going when the new dept wanted to do a job trial asap and then make the transfer if it went ok. The learning partner, or some part of admin of apprentices seems to be saying all the work and study in the previous role has to be completed first. This makes a nonsense of the redeployment process but hey ho.

It seems to me that the apprentice is very much at risk of missing out on a possible very good redeployment opportunity and potentially being left with no job at all.

I am also very hmm about the recruiting of a cheap new apprentice to the old department instead of acknowledging the work needs to be done and they have actually trained someone to do it...not that it's anything to do with me.

My reason for posting is to see if MN wisdom knows of a proper independant source of advice (eg can current study be completed in new dept according to apprenticeship conditions? Can the new dept withdraw the redeployment offer if they have to wait several months to do a job trial? Wft? And WWYD? etc).

The apprentice likes their current job and staff and is good at it and felt very disappointed about not being kept on although reassured by all their workmates and management it wasn't personal. They got on well with the new dept at a meeting and are desperate to avoid being out on their ear but completely out of their depth in terms if how to make it happen.

newmomof1 Fri 19-Jul-19 03:16:56

It does make sense with regards to completing one qualification before starting another, because the government won't supply funding for two different qualifications for one person at the same time.

I guess who solution would be that the learner sacrifices their level 2 qualification to move straight on to level 3, but then will they be in the same position again in a years time?

Is it the same learning provider for both courses?

Try calling the national Apprenticeship Service - 0800 015 0600

Neome Fri 19-Jul-19 03:23:09

Thank you newmomof I get your point - thanks so much for the number.

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