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Mystery shopper jobs?!

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PepperAndPops Fri 10-Aug-18 20:23:41

I would love a job as a Mystery shopper and feel I would be great at it - I love doing reviews and the like.

But all the online companies I see advertising seem to be dead ends, scams or just people getting your data.

Anybody know of any genuine routes into this?

HilaryBriss Sat 11-Aug-18 11:45:39

There are lots of genuine companies, some of the ones that I use are Market Force, The Mystery Dining Co, Grass Roots and Bare International.

Don't do it if you think you will make money because you won't. You might get a free meal or similar but the jobs usually pay very little. They are self refer i.e jobs are listed on the Company website and you select the ones you would like to do - all the best jobs go very quickly so unless you are checking 24/7 you will be lucky to get the decent ones.

PepperAndPops Sat 11-Aug-18 14:30:35

Thank you for replying and passing on those details. I will definitely sign up. Not too worried about making money, a free meal is certainly good enough for me!

RollonSeptember2018 Sat 11-Aug-18 16:49:08

Yes secret shopper is a real one, I do it and review restaurants and bars but it is a lot of work. Its not like a trip advisor review or an Amazon review they are lengthy and time consuming and should include pictures. They can take between 1-2 hours and they get checked and graded. The better the report the more likely you will get offered better things to review.

I have had some lovely free dinners, lunches and experiences though. But I don't really have the time anymore.

beingthere Sat 11-Aug-18 17:06:20

I have done it (Selfridges) when I was a student. However, you had to pay for the item and didn't always get the value back. You knew beforehand of course. So they might say: go to eating place on X floor and have something to eat and something to drink and you'll get £10 or £15. That pays for itself so if you were going anyway it's a lunch for writing a review.

However, the same amount off a top or dress or make-up won't pay for it.

To be fair they did give you plenty of notice, sent you a timetable and it was up to you. They still send them now and I haven't done it for 5 years or more. So, if you were buying anyway it was great. If not, it's just a way of them selling clothes with a bit of a discount!

PepperAndPops Sat 11-Aug-18 19:43:07

Thanks. I eat out a lot so the food and drink ones interest me the most. Once the kids go back to school it will give me something to do until I get back to work properly :-)

Do you have to do it at a specific time and day or can you choose?

beingthere Sat 11-Aug-18 19:48:13

They emailed a list. As a PP said the slots go quick so you need to respond quickly. You had to choose a specific time (hour slots I seem to remember) and stick to it, but there was plenty of choice. Any time in shop opening hours usually.

HilaryBriss Sun 12-Aug-18 18:26:29

The companies I listed you need to select the day that you will go but can usually go anytime during that day. Sometimes they will specify 'after 6pm' or similar but ive not come across any where you need to go at a certain hour time slot.

Sometimes they well specify what you have to eat abd drink as well. Wetherspoons for example will have drinks list A and list B with 3 drinks listed in each and you have to choose one from A and one from B. They also have a list of the meals that you must choose from.

greenlanes Sun 12-Aug-18 18:32:16

I tried it for a bit and found it far too much work for what you ended up with. I live approx 6-12 miles from my local towns, including quite a large shopping centre so initially I was hopeful I could get several jobs to do on one day but the jobs were so infrequent. As pp said the reviews have to be very detailed and you have to follow a close script. One day my script was over 10 pages.

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Sun 12-Aug-18 18:36:36

I did it briefly when DS was young but found jobs in this area were few and far between and involved too much for what you got back TBH.

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