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What is the school thinking?

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30only Mon 12-Mar-18 17:58:11

I recently proved (using the grievance procedure) that a fellow member of staff had been bullying me and was biased towards her own children. I also pointed out that she had manipulated children which resulted in them bullying me and my children. It's not really been resolved but it helped talking it out during the mediation session the school recommended. I thought this person came across very badly and she didn't admit to bullying even though the grievance procedure had found it to be true. She in fact bullied me during the meeting and was extremely negative towards me if not threatening. Like I say I felt better afterwards because I felt she had shown her true colours. I left it at that. Now this person has been chosen over others to care for on a one to one basis 2 vulnerable children. I'm fuming! How can this actually happen after all I exposed?

Allthebestnamesareused Mon 12-Mar-18 20:00:21

Maybe they think if she is doing 1 to 1 she is in less of a position to manipulate a group of kids against you/your children and that she will have to focus so much attention on them she will have no time for pettiness.

Phosphorus Mon 12-Mar-18 20:04:33

Perhaps the school feel her issue is only with you, and she's fine with others.

They must feel that the children will benefit from her input.

30only Mon 12-Mar-18 21:46:02

I hadn't thought of it like that, thanks to the last 2 posters.

I have concerns with how she treats one of these children, she snaps and barks orders at him. He asked if she was feeling moody. This person is definitely a brown noser and it seems to be working. It's almost like she is given preferential treatment especially when you look at the things she's got away with, I'm not the only one to see it.?

MavisPike Tue 13-Mar-18 16:38:54

if the children don't like her it's never going to work

30only Wed 14-Mar-18 17:50:32

2 of my other colleagues have come to me and have also witnessed this person talking aggressively to the vulnerable child, he is so innocent he wouldn't know it's wrong. Nobody seems willing to report this person probably because they witnessed how she bullied me. How can I help this child without coming across like it's just a grudge?

30only Thu 15-Mar-18 17:55:06

Today I'm told this person has reported me to our boss. Yesterday I indicated to her that her son was hurt as I was walking to first aid with him. She abandoned her vulnerable one to one child and whisked her son off inside. I think she's realised abandoning the child wasn't the best idea especially in favour of her own and has tried to make out I asked her to deal with her own child something everyone knows I'm against. It's her reaction that was wrong. I am feeling that this is an act of bullying again as I know if anyone else had done what I did she would of thanked them and definitely not complained.

30only Thu 15-Mar-18 21:50:26

Is anyone actually reading this?

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