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Can anyone help with writing an Impact Analysis report??

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Chocamochalatte Sat 10-Feb-18 12:21:52

I have recently lost resources in my department, 40 hours of ‘manpower’ to be specific, we are expected to suck it up and get on with it but it is physically not possible. I want to write an impact analysis to present to my manager, partly to cover my back because I don’t believe they understand the impact.
I have found some templates but any advice would be really welcome!!
Thank you

Kingsclerelass Wed 14-Feb-18 04:39:51

You could split it into sections

Immediate Impact on workload, what is getting left not done, what is being done in a rush, where are corners being cut

Impact on staff. An unreasonable load will lead to higher stress, higher sickness rates, damage to working relationships, potential loss of skills if people get fed up and leave.

Potential impact on organisation in long term& reputational damage. Does the work you do potentially put people at risk if not done properly, h&s implications etc.

Finally, why has manpower been cut? Are you a commercial company and need to cut overheads to survive. Where else could savings be made? Does your boss support the cut or is it inflicted on him from above? Think about how you can support him in finding a compromise that works better for everyone.
I think that's where I'd start.

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