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Little toys. Need your help.

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Vitotitto Fri 09-Feb-18 01:51:19

I have some negotiation issues with toddler and kinder surprise really helps with this. But I suspect chocolate influences his eczema (well I guess it's quantity of sugar) so have to try to cut out all the excess sugar leaving only fruits.

I had an idea to make my own surprises, I got plastic eggs and similar foil to make it look like surprise eggs.

I just need really interesting tiny toys to put inside. I also want to add a piece of dried mango or pineapple.

The problem is I can't find any kind of toys sets (preferably vehicles, but animals and characters will do as well).

Any ideas where I can get the toys?

Advices are much appreciated!

Phosphorus Fri 09-Feb-18 02:04:52

You could buy a job lot of Kinder egg toys on eBay.

ElenaBothari Fri 09-Feb-18 02:10:56

Mini Thomas trains (the kind you get in blind bags) fit inside and you can buy job lots used on eBay.

Get sheets of stickers and cut off a few to put inside.

GinnyBaker Fri 09-Feb-18 02:13:54

could you put little pieces of jigsaw in each one and he can save them up until he has the whole set and do the puzzle?

NoSquirrels Fri 09-Feb-18 02:14:59

What does he like? You can get job lots of small toys on eBay usually.

NoSquirrels Fri 09-Feb-18 02:15:47

Sorry - see you said vehicles etc!

calmandbright Fri 09-Feb-18 02:21:56

Do they still make those tiny matchbox cars?

Note3 Fri 09-Feb-18 02:26:06

If you go to a supermarket they have those little dispensing machines of little toys inside plastic balls. You could buy some of these and wrap them.

Or check eBay for party bag fillers and you'll find vehicle options

Vitotitto Fri 09-Feb-18 02:47:34

Thank you for the replies! It's a bit easier now.
I have found bouncy balls, sticky animals (kind of)

Party bag fillers, this is how it's called smile thank you!

I have a hope to find vehicles, that's what interests him most.

He also likes puzzles, but has no patience to collect the pieces. It's exactly what he had in the last surprises from kinder. Pieces of track and tiny cars. He collects cars though grin he is 2.8 by the way.

Stickers is great idea as well, I saw the nice stickers in a local shop. I'll check the price for the balls in dispensing machines, I guess it's a bit pricier than just buy a toys.

What is matchbox cars? It sounds just the right size.

Thank you very much for the replies! I'm really grateful for the ideas.

Vitotitto Fri 09-Feb-18 03:06:04

It's probably night-time hmmblush

ElenaBothari Fri 09-Feb-18 07:35:10

Matchbox cars are small cars, like hot wheels, but they would be much too big for a kinder egg. They used to also do a range of v small cars but I’m not sure they do anymore.

ElenaBothari Fri 09-Feb-18 07:37:28

You could also put clues or directions inside so he can find any toy too big for the egg - eg you draw a picture of your shelves with an arrow pointing to a box, and the toy is in the box. Turns finding the toy into an activity as well.

Mosaic123 Fri 09-Feb-18 17:11:51

Finger puppets might be good.

RB68 Fri 09-Feb-18 17:16:02

Party bag fillers is prob going to be ideal and keep an eye out n the toy sections for packs of things like cars that are miniature - Argos might be good for that

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