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Feel terrible for shouting

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ijustwanttopooinpeace Wed 24-Jan-18 01:29:07

Feeling like an awful parent right now. I've finally sat down on the loo and my son yells from the across the house 'Mum I need your help!'. Instead of asking what he wanted I shouted 'for God's sake can I not just poo in peace!!'
I even stomped my feet on the toilet floor before getting up and going to see what he wanted. There was a spider and he wanted me to kill it. I very grumpily killed it while carrying on about how all I wanted to do was poo and couldn't he just have left the bloody thing until I finished. He said 'sorry Mum'.

I feel terrible because I yelled when I shouldn't have, had a tantrum like a little child. I also hate spiders and know what it's like. To be fair as well it was a pretty big spider.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Wed 24-Jan-18 02:08:51

Why did you even get UP!?? I wouldn't and have also made a rule that if my children want me, they need to come and find me and NEVER shout me across the house.

Houseworkavoider Wed 24-Jan-18 02:12:24

Why did you not just put it outside?
You and your darling son sound delightful!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Wed 24-Jan-18 02:12:48

I can't advise because I've just had a tantrum over DD aged NINE constanly interrupting me when I work.

Im in Oz and it's the summer hols here. She's adamant she won;t go to clubs and promises to leave me alone to work and then bastard well comes in asking questions when I've told her not to

I shouted AND slammed doors after asking her calmly FOUR times to leave me alone.

MsGameandWatching Wed 24-Jan-18 02:28:24

Don't kill spiders. I honestly don't understand people who do and I am no fan of them. I trap them in a beaker and put them outside.

CupcakeWithIcing Wed 24-Jan-18 02:30:14

@Houseworkavoider shut up and go and do your chores

OP you need to teach your son to like spiders so you don't have to get them out of the house, that is the WHOLE POINT IN HAVING KIDS.

And he will forget about the shouting within 24 hours, no emotional trauma will come from this.

Next time you are needed tell your DS he has to deal with it himself or wait for you to be done with the tasks in hand. Toileting or paperwork or cooking or even watching the last 10 minutes of your TV programme. He needs to learn that he can't click his fingers and get everyone to fall at his feet. I often tell my kids to sort themselves out while I have things to do and they are much better at problem solving than they should be at their age. Unless he is in danger of harming himself or someone else leave him while you are finished doing whatever it is you are doing. I can assure you that most of the time by the time you get to him, he would have figured it out himself.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Wed 24-Jan-18 02:32:55

And tell your DC no calling you. It's lazy and entitled. That's one thing I've drilled into my kids...if you want me YOU find me.

No shouting.

The sound of "MUUUUUUUMMM!" across a house makes me livid!

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-18 02:39:43

Is that the worst thing you've ever done to him? I mean, have you never really lost it with him? You're a bloody marvel! flowers

ijustwanttopooinpeace Wed 24-Jan-18 02:54:43

@CheapSausagesAndSpam I'm in oz too so am losing patience with the school holidays. I hate yelling across the house as well and have told him a million times not to shout. It was the urgency of his 'help' voice that got me.

ijustwanttopooinpeace Wed 24-Jan-18 02:55:39

@MsGameandWatching it was a red back. I don't want poisonous spiders in my house or surrounds. They find their way back in

ijustwanttopooinpeace Wed 24-Jan-18 02:56:37

Yes you're right though. We need another chat about yelling across the house!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Wed 24-Jan-18 05:00:24

Fair dos....a redback does warrant assistance.

But perhaps look into one of those spider sucker uppers?

how old is DS?

eternalopt Wed 24-Jan-18 05:05:31

In fairness, if he was calling for help with a poisonous spider, I'd let the yelling across the house go. If he'd come to find you and not yelled, the bloody spider would have moved and then it would be lost in your house, which is even worse!!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Wed 24-Jan-18 05:15:17

Well quite. But how old is he? If he's 7 then fair enough...don't tell me he's 17 though!

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