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How to help my nan re being burgled

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EsmeeMerlin Mon 04-Dec-17 00:33:07

I was not sure on the best place to post this but am looking for some advice on how to help my nan. I am very close to her, and lived with her on and off from the age of 10.

Two years ago today she was burgled. They did not get much but they did absolutely wreck the place and go into everything and it was very upsetting for her.

Nan does struggle with a low mood this time of year and actually this time of year is hard for the whole family because of a family death. She was in a right state today when I spoke to her and it all came out that one of things that is really bothering her is the fear of being burgled again. I think it is worse today. She can't afford a burgler alarm right now, she is on her own and still works full time in a low paying job. In an ideal world I would buy her one but I can't afford it right now either although I am going to start saving and am determined to get her one sorted next year.

In the meantime does anyone have any pratical advice on how to deter burglars? And ways I can help my nan feel less anxious and frightened?

I have already put a timer on her lights after the burglary, bought more locks etc.

I just hated hearing her in such a state. I can't help some of the other things going on in her life but I can try and help her here.

Have also told her to seek support from Victim Support because she did not get any help when it first happened and it is still massively affecting her.

Biggreygoose Mon 04-Dec-17 00:58:53

Sorry that your nan was burgled.

First thing to do is to beef up security around how this lot got in. They will have picked that entry point for a reason.

Honestly I don't rate alarm systems much. They are only good if someone actually responds to the noise in time to actually catch the bastards. They tend to be ignored by neighbours as well.

CCTV systems are good, but vary massively in cost. I would seek professional advice on that one.

Given your nans situation has she considered a dog? Doesn't need to be big or mean, just something that's hard to sneak past. Might kill a few birds with one stone and be a bit of a companion for her as well.

specialsubject Mon 04-Dec-17 12:25:35

Dog and full time work don't match.

Burglar alarm not needed but improving physical security is so when they come back they will give up. And yes, victim support.

So sorry - it is horrible and we do not punish these people enough.

bilbodog Mon 04-Dec-17 14:30:51

Good you have got lighting on timers - is there some security lighting outside the house such as by the front and back doors. Could be lights that come on when someone is in the vicinity or on all the time - would be a deterrent if burglars feel they could be seen trying to enter. Another good one is gravel paths or under the windows as this makes a noise so would stop anyone being able to sneak up. If she has fences you could put trellis on the top as its not strong enough for burglars to climb over without breaking.

Also you could speak to your local neighbourhood police/pcsos as they should be happy to come and look at your nans house and give advice and reassurance.

EsmeeMerlin Mon 04-Dec-17 15:46:45

Some good ideas thank you! Unfortunately they never caught those that robbed her, we live in a London borough where we get a lot of crime so a lady's house was down in the list of prorities when police are struggling with stabbings and acid attacks.

She lives on a semi detached house and we think they either got in via the side gate to the garden or via the wall her garden backs on to. Broke the kitchen window and job done so will be worthwhile looking into ways we could try and deter people from the garden like gravel and I'll look at timed lights for the outdoors.

It's difficult, it's been two years and her feeling vulnerable and violated have not decreased.

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