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LOL type toy for DS

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Nottheduchessofcambridge Sun 12-Nov-17 08:43:42

My DS keeps asking for a little guy like my DDs LOL doll. Does anyone know of a boys toy similar to that of the LOL doll? Yes I did offer the LOL doll to him but he pulled a face, it’s not what he wants.

AppleAndBlackberry Sun 12-Nov-17 08:58:58

Baby secrets seem to have boys but it doesn't look like they're on sale in the UK at the moment. The Lottie doll people do a boy called Finn but it's a fair bit bigger. Otherwise might just be worth having a look around a toy shop, there might be action figures or small boy dolls that would be suitable.

y0ungMum Sun 12-Nov-17 09:01:56

Not to similar to lol doll but mothercare do a range of toys (happyland maybe?) and they're about the same sizes and there are some amazing ones for boys and girls. Maybe look here if you haven't already? Xx

Nottheduchessofcambridge Sun 12-Nov-17 09:06:14

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have a little look. It’s a shame they didn’t do more things like LOL toys but more boyish. I’m sure some boys wouldn’t mind a doll but my DS isn’t one of them. He just says he wants a little guy so him and his sister can play together.

LilQueenie Sun 12-Nov-17 09:07:09

is it possible its not the doll but the whole unwrapping part of it that he wants?

Nottheduchessofcambridge Sun 12-Nov-17 10:50:54

I think he wants all the bits it comes with, little outfit, glasses, drinks cup etc. LOL should do little brothers range, I bet it would be really popular.

LilQueenie Sun 12-Nov-17 11:12:58

playmobil eggs maybe? They have little bits and pieces.

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