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Thinking of moving back to London

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telephonetennis Sun 05-Nov-17 14:39:42

Single mum here to one dd, moved from London to the countryside (following relationship breakup) this year after living there for 20 years.
Thought it would be a fresh start and better life for us after some difficult few years.
I also grew up in the countryside.

BUT I cant ignore the gnawing feeling that I think I have made a mistake to chose this place, I miss London so much! sadIt was my home. And dd’s. The problem is (I now realise) I took so much for granted.
It’s stupid but I genuinely didn’t expect to feel this way, I thought I was done with the place.

If I did do it (can’t believe I’m seriously considering it) it would mean a flat and not a house but job opportunities so much better, I could earn more and I miss the city life.
I have a little more support in London too, not loads, and also friends.

it doesn’t even need to be very central, just reasonably commutable and in a zone would be fine.

I feel like a square peg in a round hole in this place, it’s quite insular and this bothers me somewhat. Nice as it is, my heart isn’t here.
The thought of staying here forever.. I can’t even go there..
Although maybe I should give it more time? I don’t know..
I’m cross with myself for being in this position, I did think it through thoroughly at the time it all seemed like a great plan.
But I guess you don’t know these things until you try. I only renting atm.

Has anyone else experienced the same and made the move back or decide to stay? If it was just me I would do it in a flash but I need to think of the practicalities and upheaval for dd - yet another move. She is not in school yet but will be soon so decision needs to be made ASAP.
Thank you for reading, any thoughts would be very gratefully received.

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