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iPad case for Father's Day-please help

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Orangedaisy Tue 30-May-17 20:47:43

Grateful for help, I am seriously sleep deprived with DD2 and can't face scouring the internet and will probably get it wrong if I do. Want to make DP a personalised iPad case (I.e. One with a back as well as a front magnetic cover thing) with photos of the DDs. Previously did a photobox one with just the front cover thing and it's rubbish as it falls off all the time.

Can anyone recommend a site that will do this and help me make sure I get the right one? It's an iPad mini (are there different types of iPad mini...? Is there a way to identify which model he has if so?). Apologies for being useless, I just have zero brain power left. Thanks in advance.

Orangedaisy Wed 31-May-17 00:44:05

Bump in case any night owls can help.

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