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Feeling very unhappy with appearance

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Anonymouse54327 Thu 18-May-17 21:53:28

Every time I look in the mirror I see my father. Have huge doubts and insecurities that I look vastly different from other mid-twenties women (I am v aware how silly and teenage that sounds)! I would go so far as to say I have a complex.

Can anyone offer any advice on dealing with body image issues? It gets worse when I'm stressed.

I can post a photo if required and happy to hear home truths and honest opinions - just at my wits end with these thoughts really.

user1491572121 Thu 18-May-17 23:33:40

I wonder if you have body dismorphia? How are other areas of your life? Work? Friends?

You can post a photo if you like...but you have to find the confidence in yourself...even if we all say "Wow you';re stunning" you may still feel insecure.


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