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Smear test after having a baby (TMI)

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ListenToYourHeart Mon 15-May-17 14:45:54

Sorry if this is TMI but some reassurance/advice would be gratefully received.

I'm 26 had my first smear test booked in for today and have a DD who is 4 months.

I was dreading it as worried it would be painful , plus I've not had sex since having baby as I had stitches and just generally scared it's going to hurt so was double worried the test would hurt.

Anyway so I went to the appointment however she couldn't get a good sample, it was uncomfortable verging on painful, she said I had a lot of discharge which I wasn't aware of as I haven't noticed any, and then she said there was contacting bleeding, so the no point taking a sample as if wouldn't be good enough.

I have to go back next week and I'm dreading it! Are they normally this bad?! Or is it because of recently having a baby?

I asked if there was anything I should be worried about and she said no but I have terrible anxiety so I'm already worrying and worrying about having to go through it all again. sad

TheCaptainsCat Mon 15-May-17 16:47:48

I've only had one smear test so far, and it was 4 months after having a baby. It was really painful and I bled slightly afterwards, but the results were normal smile

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