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Feeling sad about my house sale

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AddToBasket Sun 14-May-17 20:36:37

We went to closing on Friday. There had been loads of interest and we got several offers. The lowest one was from a lovely family. The highest one was from a nice fun couple. We took the highest offer from the couple.

The family have texted me saying to let them know if the situation changes. Reading between the lines, the family just misjudged the bidding process and under-bid. They could have, and should have, bid higher. Oh well.

The thing is, I am just so sad about it. The house is a big family home. The fun couple want it to have their mates over and said that they hadn't really been intending to move out of town but liked this place. I think they wouldn't have been that bothered if they hadn't got it. The family are gutted.

I need to get over it. The couple are very nice. But the family were the better fit. There aren't that many good family homes around us.

bigchris Sun 14-May-17 20:37:45

You need to get over it wink

Who know the fun couple might have a family there one day

Bluntness100 Sun 14-May-17 20:41:17

The family under bid on purpose, they offered what they wished to pay. Don't have too much sympathy. They will find another home.the fun couple may go on to have kids and be that lovely family at some point in the future.

GnatsChuff Sun 14-May-17 20:41:25

The best offer is the one that allows you to make your next move, which (to me) is the highest offer, assuming they can and will proceed.

If things don't work with the couple, you can go back to the family and see if they can get closer to the couple's offer.

AddToBasket Sun 14-May-17 20:42:15

I know. I really do need to get over it. grin I am genuinely excited for the couple.

Maybe they are expecting or planning a family. I guess that isn't the kind of thing anyone is obliged to tell the seller.

GardenGeek Sun 14-May-17 20:53:21

To put your mind at rest OP - me and DP are buying our first home. Hope to complete in a month or so.

We chose a 3 bed semi detached family house for a couple of reasons...

1) Its a crazy time to buy but we have been advised that as long as you buy somewhere to live for at least 10 years then we will be able to weather any storms much easier than if it was a small house we would have to move from sooner.

2) We hope to try for a family over the 5 years after we get settled and so will need to have space to do so.

3) We found it impossible to buy in the first time buyer market (which in this area was anything under 180k) as we were in direct competition with the BTL landlords and the renovation turn-around investment buyers who pushed the price up alongside lots of panicking 1st time buyers also pushing the price up desperate to get a house. All open days with multiple people and last and final offer closed bids.

4) Once we got in the second time buyer market, all was calm. We could make bids as normal. The prices weren't inflated and there was less competition.

Sorry for the rambling but might help you by seeing some thoughts from someone who sounds in a similar situation to the couple smile

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 14-May-17 20:57:37

How can you misjudge a bidding process? Also, how did they have your number?

I must be totally hearted. I love our current house but we are currently selling it to the highest bidder. We weren't in for any viewing and
I have no intention of speaking to the buyers at all. That's what we're paying the estate agent and/or solicitor to do.

If you felt really sad, you could always just sell it to the family who misunderstood the process though

AddToBasket Sun 14-May-17 21:29:15

They have my number because they know a neighbour. I did all the viewings so we needed to arrange an evening, etc.

I think the deal is done. I can't call the couple and back out now - I think they have already started buying furniture...

I agree it is ridiculous to misjudge the bidding process. I think it is the first thing they have bid for and just expected to get it. I also think they wanted to do works to the kithen and deducted for that, not realising that everyone else was bidding for a walk-right-in condition property

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 14-May-17 21:35:17

I would be raging if a neighbour gave my number out in those circumstances. How inappropriate of them to text you as well.

The other couple sound a bit loopy if they are buying furniture for a house they haven't completed on. Are you in Scotland and missives have been concluded?

I honestly wouldn't give it a second thought and would ignore any further texts

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