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Help with interviews

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SnapCrackleOutOfIt Sat 13-May-17 14:39:49

Without revealing what I'm interviewing for - I've interviewed for two roles. For various reasons I can't start a new job for 2-3 months but I have no notice to serve.

Organisation A (large global company) first met me in December last year. We've had contact on and off and all communication has been very positive. But A - they think I'm in no rush - however I have said I need to start my new job in September. They said to me last month we will see you in May and we'll call with dates. I've heard nothing and I don't want to chase BUT also they think I'm not in any rush. (On a side I've always chased them for an update and always got a response saying all positive their end but they're just super busy trying to tie down the right people for the second interview - involves directors)

Organisation B (small company) I've met recently and they're really keen to do a second meeting ASAP. The job would be the same - same salary and incentives. B are aware that I've met with A and B have said if they offer me a job I'll have to accept it and I shouldn't wait for A to get in touch again. B only know about A because I told them - if anything that's made B want me more.

What would you do? A don't know about B. I know if A did they would fix up the meeting straight away and not want to lose me to B.

I'm just thinking I've given A six months to get their ducks in a row so to speak.... I do like the sound of B... to make things slightly more complicated I'm meeting Organisation C this week!! And I know they will want me too!

WingsofNylon Mon 15-May-17 19:00:23

If it is the same job and pay why wouldn't you go with the far more organised one? A seems too corporate machine, are you sure you want to work for that. Smaller and more efficient and better access to senior people would be my choice for sure. Go for B!

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