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What do I want for my birthday?

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EggysMom Tue 09-May-17 21:46:48

I'm late 40s, married, working mum to DS who is autistic. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks. I'm getting grief from both DH and my parents wanting to know what to buy me for my birthday - and I cannot think of anything!

I tend to buy stuff as I need it, especially clothes and tech. I'm not a girly girl, so don't want multiple handbags. I don't wear jewellery or make-up. I don't have time for any hobbies due to our son's high care needs. I cannot have a spa-day etc (and wouldn't enjoy it on my own). I don't have expensive tastes.

Can people please make suggestions? Budget is about £50 from each, could be combined. Both want to get me something 'physical' so a nice meal isn't a gift.

April229 Tue 09-May-17 22:00:32

If I was in your position I would want some time off.....Maybe not a full spa day but a massage or reflexology? Someone who can come to your house next time you can take an afternoon off?

Vouchers for the garden if you have one? I bought one of those egg chairs for the garden from b and m, amazing. A local spring cleaning service to come in and make the house amazing to give some time back to do something else? A kindle? Cinema vouchers? Some lovely bedding (just invested in some expensive stuff that feels amazing every night. Some nice picture frames for family pictures. Jewellery, it doesn't have to be girly there are some great things on Oliver bonas that are well within budget, interesting and not flowery.

PanannyPanoo Thu 11-May-17 13:03:31

I think we could be twins!
I was going to suggest a bench for the garden or gorgeous bedding too!
How about a set of bamboo bath sheets. and a sumptuous dressing gown. I love my super soft bamboo towels!
Is there anything just l little bit extravagant and frivolous that will make your day to dc. life a bit more luxurious?
I love watching the birds in the garden so a good bird bath and bird table with lots of food would be something I would enjoy. Or a subscription to an evening course with a promise to look after your son for the 6 weeks of lessons.
Hope you get the perfect inspiration soon.

ToEarlyForDecorations Thu 11-May-17 13:12:46

I'm in the same position. I've got a milestone birthday coming up next month. Problem is, there's nothing I want - aren't I lucky ?

Well except buy a house, my husband and I in permanent jobs and me to lose 8 stone, but those aren't birthday presents.

So this morning I hit upon the idea of asking for a new suitcase. Or a suite of matching luggage. That might not be useful to you though.

OddMollie Thu 11-May-17 13:19:09

Books perhaps - maybe something non-fiction for slow browsing when you get a few minutes. Or magazine subscription? Not necessarily women's glossy magazines, but something like The Simple Things - a bit of a treat when it comes through the letterbox. Posh bubble bath is often on my list (I like the Neals Yard Soothing Bath - too expensive to buy myself at £15) Nice pyjamas are also a bit of a luxury, from the White Company or somewhere...

specialsubject Thu 11-May-17 20:09:31

What do you want? If that is a nice meal and child care why isn't that a gift?

EggysMom Sat 13-May-17 21:52:30

I've set my mother the task of finding some nightwear (fortunately she has similar tastes). That's kept her happy and busy on the internet for a couple of days.

I might have found a magazine subscription ... I think I've reached the right age to start reading Woman & Home ... It could become a bath-time indulgence.

Thank you everyone! (If only child care was an option ...)

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