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Threadworms - die die die you squiggly bastards

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MoreTeaPenguin Tue 09-May-17 20:41:39

DS (6) has got threadworms, I saw them wiggling in his poo earlier. It was really really minging! So, we've all had a dose of ovex (mebendazole). I've changed all the beds (washing at 60 degrees), quarantined the cuddly toys (is this necessary - if so for how long?), DP is under strict instructions to sleep in pants (which went down like a lead balloon). I'll hoover tomorrow morning. We'll all have another dose of ovex in 2 weeks. Will that be all that's required to defeat the squiggly little bastards? Urgh!

I read a thread suggesting hoovering every day and washing bedding every day, but that sounds like a lot of work! Can I just throw drugs at the problem in the form of ovex and avoid the work? Please tell me I don't have to do housework - I'm rubbish at it!

onemorecakeplease Tue 09-May-17 20:48:19

My dc have just had them.
I went totally mad, washed everything soft in the house - Think I did 15 loads of washing the first weekend.
I sprayed every surface with dettol and flash wipes - everything from
Door handles to stair banister, kitchen, floors, sofas, chairs, beds, windowsills you name it, it got sanitised.
Hoovered and mopped all floors.

I showered the kids morning and night and clean pjs every day, changed beds every two days for a week. Cleaned bathrooms every day for a week.

Then we had the second dose two weeks and I checked their bums again before they had it (whilst asleep) and they were gone.

Some people just change beds and take the medicine and that's it. But I couldn't bear the thought of worm eggs being all over the place and reinfecting them.

I was also really diligent about hand washing and followed the kids when they went to the loo to keep reminding them!

onemorecakeplease Tue 09-May-17 20:49:00

Oh I just washed the cuddly toys when I did the bedding so they got washed a lot too!

Eveninties Tue 09-May-17 20:50:49

Wash bedsheets and towels and keep everyone's nails short and super clean. Eggs are usually transferred under nails from bum scratching to the mouth. The ovex will usually work well, just be super strict with hand hygiene. If anyone is a nail biter then buy Stop and Grow or similar.

MoreTeaPenguin Tue 09-May-17 21:40:18

Right, I don't have your energy levels onemorecakeplease - maybe I need to consume more cake? Anyway, that level of washing is not gonna happen, especially as I'm calming down after the initial revulsion. I think your advice Eveninties of a bit of washing combined with super strict hand hygiene is much more realistic given my lack of enthusiasm for housework. We'll give it a bash, and hopefully we'll be squiggler-free in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!

onemorecakeplease Tue 09-May-17 22:50:34

Yeah I agree I did go over the top! I couldn't help it though, once I'd started....
Cake did help though once I could stomach the thought of food!

And at least the house had a nice spring clean!

SeaEagleFeather Thu 11-May-17 22:37:08

Oldest had an awful phase of getting them. I washed everything including toys at 60, kept his nails very short, hoovered a lot and gave them a 3rd dose 2 weeks after the so-called follow up. I'm fairly sure that 3rd dose helped quite a bit.

ineedmoreLemonPledge Thu 11-May-17 22:52:00

Wash morning and night paying attention to the backside. Everyone has separate towels. Bleach and clean around the toilet everyday. Be careful when you remove underwear as the eggs bounce out but they are too tiny to see.

Vaseline around the anus stops itching as they can't wriggle about, then you stop scratching and transferring the eggs in your sleep from nails to mouth. It also helps you get some more sleep.

Try not to succumb to eating sugary foods, I heard an old wives tale that grated Raw carrot ingested is something they can't abide. But I'm not sure on the effectiveness of that!!!.

They are bloody horrible.

mikeyssister Fri 12-May-17 18:37:59

Had to dose for a continuous 6 months many years ago - now that was fun - not.

MoreTeaPenguin Sat 13-May-17 11:43:15

Ha! The little bastards are no longer squiggling. Ovex 1 - worms 0!

We will follow up with a second dose of ovex in a week or so to get any stragglers, and continue with copious hand washing.

6 months mikeyssister! How did you finally get rid of them?

SeaEagleFeather Sat 13-May-17 12:43:22

needs to be 2 weeks iirc - check the packet. The second dose needs to be in the time betweeen all the eggs hatching and the maturing worms being able to produce new ones. iirc a week isn't long enough

Mrsmorton Sat 13-May-17 12:50:39

Hot water and detergent (handwash, soap, normal cleaner) is sufficient, you don't need to bleach everything and antiseptics (like dettol) aren't specifically necessary because the eggs aren't bacteria.

Hand hygiene is the critical part of stopping the cycle. So obvs after the loo and before eating but just generally, before and after playing with toys can help stop transfer to and from toys. Plus it's a lot easier than doing all of that washing etc..!

mikeyssister Sat 13-May-17 20:28:46

No idea MoreTea, DD2 was about 3 at the time and ate stones and gravel etc from garden and anywhere else we went and GP was convinced that's where she was picking them up.

But we minimised our sugar intake and stopped buying cheap mincehmm

titsbumfannythelot Sun 14-May-17 09:49:17

We went a. It mental on the cleaning front too. But I was 37 weeks pregnant when my DD had them and didn't fancy an itchy bumhole in labour as well as all the other fun stuff.

We also ate a lot of pumpkin seeds and carrots. Apparently the little buggers don't like that.

titsbumfannythelot Sun 14-May-17 09:49:59

And we got DD to wear a onesie to bed so she could scratch her Lesley then touch her mouth.

titsbumfannythelot Sun 14-May-17 09:50:47


Couldn't scratch and Lesley= onesie

titsbumfannythelot Sun 14-May-17 09:51:24

Ffs Lesley = bumhole.

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