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The Tomatina Festival

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KatyBerry Thu 20-Apr-17 12:16:19

Anyone here taken children to the Tomatina? am I kidding myself that small kids will enjoy throwing squashy tomatoes at total strangers for an hour, and in reality it will be a panic over losing them in a giant crowd and they'll slip on the tomatoes and smash some bone or other and in any case it's a shocking waste of (specially grown for the purpose) food?

JLbaby Thu 20-Apr-17 12:21:58

It depends on the ages of the children - without trying to sound like a spoilsport, a relative went a few years ago and some of the tomatoes aren't so "squashy", let's put it that way. He came back with lots of bruises from the "harder" tomatoes....! And like you say it does get very slippery....

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