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UTI, Thrush & generally miserable.

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Kittymum03 Wed 19-Apr-17 08:56:19

Anybody else suffering with me?!
I don't really have anybody to talk to about intimate things like this in RL.
Ever since I had my daughter 5 months ago I just havnt been right 'down there'

That's it really! Just feeling fed up. I've never had a UTI before, and it hurts sad

Kittymum03 Wed 19-Apr-17 14:47:57

Anybody there?...

flowersareblooming Wed 19-Apr-17 15:42:48

Hi op

Sounds miserable
I used to get cystitis a lot was awful
Have u seen the dr

floraeasy Wed 19-Apr-17 15:44:54

Get a doctor's appointment.

While you are waiting, drink lots of water to flush out your bladder. Also try unsweetened cranberry juice.

Check out this NHS thread:-

Kittymum03 Wed 19-Apr-17 15:54:37

Thanks flowers and flora
I have kind of seen the Dr, as in they won't let me have an apointment but I spoke to him on the phone yesturday and he's given me Antibiotics for the UTI and cream for the thrush, I'm just so fed up of being ill. Before I had my daughter I was one of those people that was never ill, and now I'm never well.

floraeasy Wed 19-Apr-17 15:58:08

Are you a recent mum Kitty? I have no personal experience of motherhood, but perhaps this is a settling down period? Maybe you're just run down in general and not taking care of yourself like you used to because you are so busy with your child?

There are some good tips on that NHS thread I posted.

Re thrush - cut right back on your sugar intake. That helps.

If you have constant thrush, no matter what you do, ask for a diabetes test. It's unlikely you have that, but it's worth checking if you cannot get rid of your thrush. You can buy Diflucan over the counter for thrush. One tablet and it will help clear it from your system. The cream only helps the local area it's applied to.

Dangermouse80 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:04:02

Remove tea / coffee / fuzzy drinks from diet and continue thrush cream twice a week for a couple of months after symptoms have cleared. Also no bubble bath / shower gels. You have my sympathy I had this after my first. I additionally took a low dose tablet once a day for a month.

Kittymum03 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:07:01

flora my daughter is nearly 6 months old. I have a Son who was a Cesarean, and I thought with a vaginal birth this time, that I might wee myself a bit, and the stitches might be sore, but I wasn't expecting everything else!
I think I must be run down to keep getting I'll. I've also had several bouts of D&V & coughs/cold's.
I've only had Thrush down there this once, but I've been treated for it 3 times on my nipples. I don't think I can have the tablet because I'm b'feeding.

Thanks for answering me.

Kittymum03 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:13:53

Sorry Dangermouse I missed your post. I already don't use bubble bath and no shower gel around there.
My general miserable-ness is made worse as I don't like the DR I had to speak to, I saw him for what I thought was Hemerroids, but it turned out to be a skin tag made by the stitches. But he was really rough when he examined me and I hate having to speak to him now sad

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