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Blood in urine, on holiday. Help!

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Mehfruittea Mon 17-Apr-17 23:26:56

I'm not in the UK but have travel insurance if I need a doctor. But don't want to make a fuss, and waste precious time that I could be relaxing. There is only very basic medical care where I am. No hospital.

I've been on my period for last 8 days, spotting yesterday still but none today. So I've peed in to a cup and it looks a lovely rose colour. Could have been this way for up to a week.

So as not to drop feed, I take medication for various other medical issues, but none cause this. I take opioids so don't always feel/notice low level pain.

I'm drinking only water now, and figure I'm just very dehydrated. please not kidney stones what to the lovely NM's think? Will water do the trick? How long should I leave it before getting to a dr?

Other symptoms are back pain and lower stomach pain, but these are also quite normal for me. please don't say kidney stones


TheHodgeoftheHedge Mon 17-Apr-17 23:33:04

It's an app service supported by the NHS. You can book a video call appintment with a doctor in a matter of minutes. Costs about £15 for an appintment I think. They can then give you proper medical advice and hopefully reassure you. They're a brilliant service for emergencies like this.

Mehfruittea Mon 17-Apr-17 23:36:34

Do you think it's an emergency then?

Was going to hunt out some cranberry-looking juice in the morning and stick with water until then.

So kidney stones is the worst case right? If it is this, how much worse willl it get and how quickly? Should I prepare DH? He's shit in these situations and would leave me to die rather than make a fuss!!

TheHodgeoftheHedge Mon 17-Apr-17 23:43:57

I honestly don't know but you're obviously very worried (and blood in the urine marks high on my chart of things to be worried about). So use the app to have a chat with a doctor who is qualified to make that judgment call and can then tell you not to worry, or what to do if you do need to do something about it.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Tue 18-Apr-17 00:03:16

Sorry got the address slightly wrong.

Mehfruittea Tue 18-Apr-17 00:06:38

Thanks I'll give them a try. I wonder if I could claim it back on medical insurance?!

CrypticDrip Tue 18-Apr-17 00:09:26

You've probably got a UTI. Might be worth trying to get some antibiotics.

How old are you? When are you due home?

Mehfruittea Tue 18-Apr-17 00:13:40

I'm late 30's and home in 6 days. Could probably get a GP appointment for the day I get home, if I book now. But if I still have it in 6 days, will it be a helluva lot worse?!

Mehfruittea Tue 18-Apr-17 00:14:30

Is tea with a little milk ok to keep hydrated? Or should I stick to water?

TheHodgeoftheHedge Tue 18-Apr-17 00:14:57

Probably not on medical insurance but then for £15 I'm not sure I'd bother?!

CrypticDrip Tue 18-Apr-17 00:24:20

Tea and milk will help keep you hydrated.
Get some antibiotics if possible and take a urine sample to your doctor first day back.

Mehfruittea Tue 18-Apr-17 00:32:43

Thanks everyone. The local juice is bissap and dr google says it's a diuretic so will drink a vat of that at breakfast.

Fingers crossed my fanjo gets back to normal or MrMeh will not be getting any holiday nookie! grin

FritzDonovan Wed 19-Apr-17 01:56:02

Not doubting you but are you sure it's blood in urine? Tiny amounts of dilute mucus/ blood are 'leaking out' at the end of a period even if not enough for spotting to be evident. This could wash off when peeing. (sorry, tmi) what made you check? Have you been checking regularly since?

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 19-Apr-17 08:45:31

Hope you're ok OP.

Mehfruittea Fri 21-Apr-17 13:39:41

That's for the messages. Quick update: pee got back to a more normal colour after about 24 hrs. I relaxed. Too much. Now I have diarrhoea! And pink pee again. So pretty sure it's down to being dehydrated.

Will see my dr when I get back as a bit worried at how quickly it went pink again, and if this could cause any long term damage.

Pretty sure there is no cross contamination as I pee'd into a plastic cup to check the colour/strength/vintage! grin

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 21-Apr-17 14:18:32

Oh no! You are having a rough holiday! Is there a pharmacy anywhere near by that you could get some rehydration powder from?

Giddyaunt18 Fri 21-Apr-17 14:29:18

This might be silly but have you eaten beetroot or similar coloured veg? I always get pink wee after.

Giddyaunt18 Fri 21-Apr-17 14:31:30

NavyandWhite Fri 21-Apr-17 14:35:04

Could you go to a pharmacy where you are? Explain what's happening?

Make an appointment for when you get home.

user1492692527 Fri 21-Apr-17 16:03:15

I had this once (also on holiday!) and it turned out to be cystitis. First time I'd ever had it, but antibiotics sorted it out within a day or so.

Mehfruittea Fri 21-Apr-17 17:24:21

Thanks ladies! This is really silly but Giddy might be right!

The salads here are amazing, and I've eaten tons of beetroot every lunch and dinner!!!


Didn't have any today as we ate out. Will stay clear and see if that makes a difference!

No pharamacy, it's a very small but lovely island. Bit shitty as started my period just as we were flying out, now we're due to go tomorrow and I'm ovulating. Really bad ov pains too. But otherwise a fab holiday!! grin

Giddyaunt18 Fri 21-Apr-17 17:43:14

The first time it happened to me I panicked too! Hopefully that's what it is. I eat lots of beetroot so am prepared for it now.

NavyandWhite Fri 21-Apr-17 17:44:17

Ah could be beetroot then.

originalbiglymavis Fri 21-Apr-17 17:46:53

Beetroot! Oh yes that can do it. I thought I had had a hemmorage when I made a lovely healthy juice of carrot and beetroot.

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