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death notices

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bugattiveyron Sat 15-Apr-17 23:07:18

So it's Saturday night, I'm home alone and I'm searching the death notices to find out if a relative (who I'm effectively estranged from) has died or not sad

Insomnibrat Sat 15-Apr-17 23:36:12

I didn't know you could do that? Do you mean obituaries in the paper?

bugattiveyron Sat 15-Apr-17 23:37:30

yeah, if a family put a death notice in the paper you can view them online. It's pointless me looking really as there is no family to put a death notice in the paper or online.

VimFuego101 Sat 15-Apr-17 23:40:46

If there was a will, i think it would have been listed in the London gazette.

Insomnibrat Sat 15-Apr-17 23:42:35

You can search for the death certificate from the government website but I believe its only available before 6 months ago, so someone who passed say, last week wouldn't be online. x

bugattiveyron Sat 15-Apr-17 23:43:42

They live in the US so it's different.

VimFuego101 Sun 16-Apr-17 01:51:04

US deaths can be found on the SSA death index but only after the death was 3 or more years ago.

AcrossthePond55 Sun 16-Apr-17 04:21:37

I'm in the US. Are you looking at It seems as if most newspapers now do their obits through them.

You should be able to get a copy of the death certificate after about 6 weeks. I think they are still public records. You should be able to get it from the county of death after about 6 weeks.

If you know the area, you can check local funeral home websites. Sometimes they lists deaths there, too.

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