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How to remove tan line from face

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CrazyPeoplePleaser Sat 15-Apr-17 16:30:53

I've had this tan line on my face for the past 6 years. It fades slightly during the winter but the line is still visible, showing murky skin tone at the top and completely different at the bottom...and I look two toned and it gets worse during the summer, the tanned part gets darker but the rest of my face doesn't confused

When I first noticed it a good few years ago, I mentioned it to my GP and she just said that I should wait until it's winter and the tan would fade.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the tan line was still there and so
I made another appointment with my GP.

I mean I had tried to let it be after the first GP appointment, thinking it'll just take time. A few years after that I appointment, I realised that it wasn't going away and it was really getting me down.

My GP was actually shocked that the tan line was still there and I had a photo diary over the years since the last appointment to show that despite it fading a tad, the tan never went away. She just said that it wasn't serious enough to be referred to a dermatologist and short of prescribing steroids, there's was nothing she could do. She even said, when mentioning the steroids, "I don't want to do that to your face". So when I asked her what she thinks, I should do, she said "Maybe just exfoliate more?" To which I told her that I used to scrub myself and often ended up with scabs but even after healing, the tan was still there. She then suggested not to wear sunscreen to even out the tan confused

This was a few years ago and the tan is still there! Half of my face is more tanned and it seems as though the other half for some reason just doesn't get tanned and if it does, it's not the same as the top part of the face. I even can feel the sides of my face burning if I'm in the sun for too long and the rest of my face just doesn't get tanned as much and by winter, the tan from the bottom part of my face has gone but the top part is still there confused

I'm really stuck and it's just getting me down.

Anyone else faced this problem before? If you have, what did you to make it better? Will it ever go away?

user1491572121 Sun 16-Apr-17 03:28:19

I'm shocked a GP wouldn;t realise that this isn't in fact a "tan line" but hyperpigmentation.

Ask to be referred to a dermatologist. There are many reasons for this to happen.

CrazyPeoplePleaser Tue 18-Apr-17 15:16:54

What do you think the dermatologist would do? Really want something to be done tbh as it's really getting me down.

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