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The "Find My Friends" iPhone App

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ToTrackOrNotToTrack Sun 09-Apr-17 20:54:46

DP said this morning that he wants us to share location with each other using the Find My Friends app, permanently.

I asked why and he said it would be useful to see where I was in case of emergency, see if I'm on my way home from work etc without having to ask.

I said I didn't want to. I have nothing to hide, I am boring and I don't go many places, but I don't feel comfortable being 'tracked'. DP doesn't understand and asked why, if I have nothing to hide, would I not share my location? I don't have much of an answer apart from "because I don't want to". So I've said I'll think about it. He has already shared his location with me so it's not one sided. But I can't imagine ever using it and I still don't feel comfortable sharing mine.

Is this normal now everyone's got smart phones? How many of you share your locations with each other permanently?

NotStoppedAllDay Sun 09-Apr-17 20:56:42

My whole family follow me

It was useful running London marathon. They managed to see me on route 3 times. Apart from that, there's little value I guess

Hassled Sun 09-Apr-17 20:58:14

It wouldn't occur to me to permanently share my location with DH, or to want to see his locations. It's just too much. I'm married to the man but that doesn't mean I've signed over any right to privacy to him. So if you're equally uncomfortable, stick to your guns.

Squeegle Sun 09-Apr-17 21:00:20

I wouldn't really mind to be honest , I share my location with some of my friends and my son. If I had a husband I would too smile

PontypandyPioneer Sun 09-Apr-17 21:00:57

I shared it with DH when I was pregnant, just in case. I don't think either of us have turned it off now but I never think about it. Neither of us have anything to hide and I don't even remember the last time I looked at it!

Celticlassie Sun 09-Apr-17 21:02:01

We use it. It's handy when we're picking each other up, or meeting in a shopping centre or similar. I don't use it often and don't feel it violates my privacy, but can see how people might be reluctant.

Brighteyes27 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:03:55

All in the family share our locations (DH me and DC's). It's quiet handy both DV's have dropped their phones and we tracked them. I can see where DH is on his route home which is good for boring things like planning tea or if I want him to pick something up on way past a shop or collect one of the DCs I don't mind it. It works both ways.

ToTrackOrNotToTrack Sun 09-Apr-17 21:13:39

It just seems so intrusive. I value privacy, and I'm not really up for "what were you doing in town this afternoon" type convos. If I feel like sharing that I went to buy a coffee in my break I will, but otherwise I don't think it's anyone's business where I am all the time.

I'm happy to turn it on if I'm travelling and things like that, but all the time? Idon't know. Makes me feel weird.

n0ne Sun 09-Apr-17 21:19:29

Me and DH do. I find it really useful to know when he'll be home so I can plan the timing of dinner etc. It was my suggestion but he was completely happy to do it. But if you don't want to do it, don't. If DH had said it made him uncomfortable, I certainly wouldn't have forced the issue. I trust him implicitly.

ladygracie Sun 09-Apr-17 21:23:18

I have my ds on it. Slight flaw is that it only works when his phone is connected to wifi. But was v handy when I wasn't sure where he was last week & could see that he was still at his mate's house. My dd thinks it's stalker like though!

ladygracie Sun 09-Apr-17 21:25:40

And there is a great story at my work about someone who went for coffee with friends only to be asked v pointedly if she'd enjoyed her Costa that morning by another friend (who was not invited) as she'd tracked her on find my friend!

helterskelter99 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:26:15

I love it we use it lots how close to home we are, whether we have managed to get out of a meeting for nursery pick up, whether it's worth me going to bed or OH is nearly home!
I also randomly follow my BIL so I know if they are away for the weekend !

toomuchtvandsocialmedia Sun 09-Apr-17 21:29:30

ExH used to use it to track DC's whereabouts- I found it creepy and intrusive. although I might ask DD to re-enable when she is travelling solo through Central America later in the year

Brighteyes27 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:30:15

Yes it's excellent and reassuring for tracking the whereabouts of a 12 and 13 year old DC's.

RJnomore1 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:30:56

I wouldn't like it. I have nothing to hide but it would feel like being checked up on.

Strigoi Sun 09-Apr-17 21:32:03

DH and I can see each other's locations using Find My iPhone. We only ever really use it to see if we're on the same tube going home so we can arrange to meet, or if he's picking me up and I can see how close he is, or knowing when one of us will be home for timing dinner.

How can a random friend see where you are using Find Friends? You have to allow someone to track your location and it offers a choice of one hour, a day or forever. It's not like it automatically happens.

UpLighter Sun 09-Apr-17 21:35:31

We both have all our iDevices on one account so can track all of them.

Both use it a load to see where the other is when out and commuting. Makes it easy planning when to get the dinner etc. Also means no phone call or text needed when in the car which is safer and legal.

Doesn't concern either of us but I could understand why it could some.

HLBug Sun 09-Apr-17 21:39:23

DH and I use it and find it very useful- boring stuff like others have mentioned like when to start making dinner etc etc. I also like looking at it when DH is on a night out so I can see he's somewhere safe? So if I wake up in the early hours and he's still not home I'll have a quick look, see that he's still in pub, and happily go back to sleep knowing he's ok.

Ledkr Sun 09-Apr-17 21:39:29

Wouldn't bother me but I know dh wouldn't have any motive other than just wanting to know where I am if he or the kids needed me for anything.
This thread has prompted me to request dd as it wound be reassuring to know where she is when out and about.

flibflob Sun 09-Apr-17 21:44:55

Haven't had a problem sharing if I trusted the person I was sharing with. If I thought it would be used against me, there was a clear lack of trust and I would disable it (and have done in the past).

Groovee Sun 09-Apr-17 21:55:20

DH and I share our location! DH drives as part of his job therefore can't always answer his phone or reply to texts. I check his location and know if I need to put his dinner aside or serve up with us.

I don't care if he tracks me as it's unusual for me to to answer texts.

purpleporpoise Sun 09-Apr-17 21:58:27

My family use this. It's very useful. I know if DH is on his way home. I know if DM is home before ringing her, or calling in. Ditto siblings. When I travel, DH knows if I've got to my destination.
None of us have anything to hide. I wouldn't share with anyone outside the family but it is useful. There's nothing sinister about us using it

TinyPawz Mon 10-Apr-17 00:57:29

Oh how does this work? Sounds interesting. My dp works all over the place would be nice to see whereabouts he is

ToTrackOrNotToTrack Mon 10-Apr-17 01:00:02

Maybe I'm being silly. I'm a late adopter of the smart phone so it's all a bit new to me. It's not like I have ever lied or anticipate lying in response to a "where are you?" text and it's not that different to that.

Still feel like need to think about it some more though.

123rd Mon 10-Apr-17 01:08:28

I have an iPhone. DH has a different brand. Can we still track each other ??? My dd has an iPod-as pp said, does only work when connected to wifi. That's correct , isn't it? -sorry, bloody clueless over here!

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