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Lost weight but jeans tighter?

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user1465541658 Sat 24-Aug-19 22:36:38

OK so I'm not over weight I fall into the normal bmi catagory, but after falling into a bad habit of ordereing takeaways constantly and over indulging for months I noticed (an so did the scales) that unsurprisingly I'd gained around 8lb. Around 3 weeks ago after discovering this I quit the takeaways deactivated my account as obviously that was my biggest downfall. I didn't diet etc straight away as I have no will power but a week later after getting into the right mindset and also wanting to shift this weight I'd gained I began a sort of diet as I said my will power is awful I can't stick to healthy eating it bores me too much aside from the takeaways I don't eat unhealthy all food is home cooked etc but I can't go on must eat veg constantly an no pasta etc etc so I just cut down on what I was eating and how much, 2 weeks on I've lost 4lb not much but to me a decent amount considering my food choices haven't changed (aside from takeaway and extreme naughty food) just the amount and I'm alot more careful only eating when hungry etc I'm back to my normal eating habits and out of the horrible one sounds great yeah.. Well it is but today my jeans were real uncomfortable around my stomach like they were getting on the small side.. I ended up with trapped wind I didnt realise it was due to my stomach / jeans till I undid the button and felt much more comfortable
Confused has anyone had this is it a reaction to change of diet? is it water? surely losing weight would mean no. Change to jeans fit at worst or slight improvement at bestv

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