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Photos have made me realise I hate how I look

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mrssoap Sat 24-Aug-19 08:34:12

Just seen some photos someone took of me while out for the day, I hate the way I look. I need to lose weight I can't carry on like I am. My best friend who I spend a lot of time with is tall, so slim and drop dead gorgeous, she's a lovely person too and I'd never stop spending time with her but going out with her is hard for me as people always comment on how sexy she is, I'm sort of seen as the uglier one. 😔. It's getting me down. I don't think I'm ugly, just average but that can be improved by make up!! However my body shape is not good and it really is taking its toll on my self esteem.

Thing is, like many people I love food, especially pasta, bread and cheese, the things I know that are probably making me big! I'm fairly active, have 4 young kids and although I do drive I do actually walk when I can.

I think my main problem is I eat too much. I don't have one chocolate bar I have 3 for example. It needs to stop. I have tried before but can't do it 😩. I give up. Im a single parent, I can't get to the gym let alone afford it. And cant get anyone to have my kids while I go out for a run or anything.

So, anyone have any tips for me to succeed this time? I do believe it's mostly down to my diet, it's really rubbish. I need the motivation!! I feel like if I start to see results it may spur me on to keep going! Sorry this was so long.

Please help me 😩

mrssoap Sat 24-Aug-19 08:35:04

Think I've posted in the wrong section aswel 😩 sorry!!!!

InFiveMins Sat 24-Aug-19 08:55:28

Hi OP, your story sounds similar to mine! I'm sick of being overweight and feeling uncomfortable next to other people.

But I'm useless at dieting and ALWAYS fail because I've always given in to chocolate, crisps, cheese, bread, pasta, potatoes - I'm also used to ordering takeaways several times a week and eating McDonalds/KFC for lunch etc.

On Monday last week I joined weightwatchers - I've been on slimming world before and it didn't work for me, I think I was still eating too much!! Weightwatchers is working so far (but then again I have only been on it a week!). It helps me to track food on an app and see what I can and can't eat that day. Have you tried something like that? Think slimming world and weight watchers both have groups in my area (I'm doing online only with weightwatchers).

Good luck as I know how hard it is xx

Purplerain16 Sat 24-Aug-19 11:03:55

I've just posted a similar thread. I'm at my wits end, I just don't know what to do.

You have all my support op, it's hard.

We live in an area where we can get deliveroo, dominos, uber eats and just eat. It's not good - it's led us to order every time we are too tired to cook (seemingly most night atm!)

sleepwhenidie Sat 24-Aug-19 11:08:25

This topic is for weight training smile. Which, incidentally, for improving health (and even mind), I’d highly recommend over weight watchers or similar any day!

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